Ritalin-Free Kids: Safe and Effective Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD and Other Behavioral and Learning Problems by JUDYTH REICHENBERG-ULLMAN, ND, MSW, and ROBERT ULLMAN, ND [#ULLRIT]


Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW and Robert Ullman, ND
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Two leading homeopaths have written an excellent comprehensive book for both laypeople and health professionals. Highly recommended.

From backcover of the book

Does your child really need drugs to get through the school day? More than six million children in the United States are taking stimulant medications including Ritalin to treat behavioral and learning problems such as attention deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But there may very well be a better way to manage your child’s emotional and learning problems, and you owe it to yourself and your child to find out. Ritalin-Free Kids offers you a safe, effective, and natural alternative to stimulants.

“Before you give your child stimulants, read this book.” From the preface by Edward Chapman, M.D., clinical instructor, Harvard Medical School

“I recommend this book to all parents searching for an alternative treatment to ADHD. The Ullmans demonstrate that every child can benefit from care tailored to their unique characteristics and temperment.” Charles Moore, M.D., child and adolescent psychiatrist, New England Medical Center

“As a physician who evaluates many inattentive and overactive children, I feel that we, as a society, are using stimulant medications far too often for the treatment of ADHD. I was very impressed by Ritalin-Free Kids and definitely recommend it.” Richard Solomon, M.D., director, Allegheny Behavioral and Child Development Services, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“This clear, balanced, and persuasive book will really open your eyes to the possibility of homeopathic medicine to treat . . . ADHD and a number of emotional and learning problems.” ?From the foreword by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Book review

This book review is reprinted from HOMEOPATHY TODAY with the permission of the National Center for Homeopathy

Ritalin Free Kids by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW, and Robert Ullman, ND
300 pages, paperback
Reviewed by Angela Hair

If the current trend continues, eight million children will be medicated with amphetamines for ADD in the United States by the turn of the century.” When I read this statement I was blown away by the potentially huge problem our schools face coping with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) children. Teachers will confirm that there are a significant number of children in our schools who cannot concentrate, sit still, follow instructions or competently read. Ritalin is an amphetamine administered twice daily to these children who are out of synch with the rest of the class. It induces compliance but at what cost? Are these children learning despite their seeming compliance?

This book is about an alternative way of helping children with ADD. In the first section of the book, Reichenberg-Ullman provides an excellent overview of ADD and how it manifests in different age groups. She reviews possible causes and conventional treatment. The second part of the book is devoted to a discussion of homeopathy and particularly how it is useful in treating ADD. This section is clear, comprehensive and is an excellent introduction to homeopathy. The third section presents a number of case histories, all too brief for my homeopathic brain but probably adequate for the general reader.

I lent the book to a friend whose son had ADD. I had given him some remedies without making much impact on his condition. After reading the book, she arrived on my doorstep with a list of things she recognized as being relevant to her son. Some things she had not told me before and other things had been there all along but took on new meaning for her after reading the book. It seemed to me that when she was better able to grasp the whole, she could then see what was unique, particular and special to her son, and the homeopathic clue seeking got a bit easier! One aspect my friend found particularly helpful was an overview of Sankaran’s animal, plant and mineral differentiation of remedies. She could readily identify her son and justify her choice, which helped me understand him better too. A book like this does, however, run the risk that people will become “expert” homeopaths and try prescribing for themselves, or will fit themselves into a remedy picture in presenting their symptoms to their homeopath. From a clinical perspective it may be more useful to have patients read this book after the initial interview, rather than before. In reality this may be hard to control if the book is widely published.

Certainly Ritalin Free Kids offers enormous hope to parents and teachers of ADD children and to children who are now adolescents and adults trying to get through life with their particular modus operandi. It offers hope tempered only by the meticulous case-taking of the homeopath.

Angela Hair is a fourth-year student at the Wellington College of Homeopathy in New Zealand.



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