The Toxic Relationship Cure by JERRY KANTOR, CCH [#KANTOX]


Jerry Kantor, CCH, LicAc.


Clearing traumatic damage from a boss, parent, lover or friend with homeopathic remedies

In the wake of a devastated relationship….

Using engaging client stories, The Toxic Relationship Cure reveals how homeopathic medicines can relieve mental, emotional and physical damage from toxic and unhealthy relationships. The Toxic Relationship Cure is meant for victims of these toxic relationships as well as mental health professionals. Often frustrated by these clients’ stubbornly self-destructive behaviors, mental health clinicians will find new hope in these pages.

The toxic relationships include Boss, Parent, Lover, Friend, and the Spiritual Beyond (dysfunctional relationships with God, spirit, or a deceased individual). Vivid stories based on actual cured cases render memorable portraits of each natural medicine type. The description of each medicine includes physical symptoms it is likely to cure.

These homeopathic medicines are widely used in Europe and have many advantages over conventional psychopharmacological medications:

* They are non-addictive and non-toxic.
* The have side benefits instead of side effects: clients report improvement in apparently-unrelated physical ailments as well as in overall energy and quality of sleep.
* Their use is supported by research including a study by the Swiss government concluding that these medicines are as effective as conventional medicines yet less expensive.
* The average cost is less than a penny per day.
* Instead of “you” be on this drug for the rest of your life,” their effect tends to be curative within months.

The Toxic Relationship Cure is engaging to read and empowering to implement, with guidance for both clients and professionals.

About the author:
Jerry M. Kantor, CCH, is the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine, which presents a new model for understanding chronic illness. It has been described as the first truly integrative medicine text. He has authored a monograph, Advanced Academic Curriculum for Homeopathic Research Studies.

Jerry practices homeopathy and acupuncture at Vital Force Health Care where his specializations include pediatrics, mental illness, autism spectrum ailments, and infertility.  Jerry is a former Board member of the Council for Homeopathic Certification. He is a teaching Associate at Harvard Medical School and serves as Executive Director of the National Institute of Whole Health, located in Wellesley.


“It is always a special pleasure to have a book exceed even my highest expectations, and this book did.  Jerry Kantor’s The Toxic Relationship Cure is crammed with practical insights into seventy-two homeopathic medicines and their body/mind typology. Using vivid, composite case histories Kantor illuminates specific homeopathic medicines with an eye to how each can reflect the impact of a problematic relationship.  Kantor’s book goes several steps further than most other homeopathic texts by venturing to describe a needed homeopathic remedy’s medical and psychological impact. Further, his description of both well-known and little-known remedies offers valuable differentiation among remedies similar to the remedy under discussion.“
— Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH
Homeopathic Educational Services

“Using engaging and memorable vignettes, The Toxic Relationship Cure discusses how homeopathy is used constitutionally for clients suffering mental, emotional and physical damage consequent to prolonged toxic and unhealthy life relationships.  The book fills a vacuum in the homeopathic library where despite the presence of numerous, excellent self-help and acute prescribing texts little exists to help the layperson understand homeopathy’s relevance to longstanding maladies rooted in psychic or spiritual crisis.”
Loretta Butehorn PhD, CCH


I have found Autism Reversal Toolbox by Jerry M. Kantor to be an invaluable resource for treating clients Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This comprehensive and modern multifaceted approach to the treatment of ASD sheds new light for all practitioners faced with an increasing population of children on the spectrum as well as complicated cases where just one constitutional homeopathic remedy is not effecting a cure.
“One of the most valuable works delivered by Jerry M. Kantor includes a specific materia medica for Autism Spectrum Disorders. This comprehensive look at remedies with the focus on pregnancy and birth related issues, developmental delays, failure to thrive, gut support, solipsistic states, insularity, obsessiveness, muteness, hypersensitivity, electromagnetic field exposure, never well since vaccination, and childishness has proven essential for my practice when addressing clients on the spectrum. Thank you Jerry Kantor for your dedication and commitment in presenting such a gift to the homeopathic community!”

Margo Cohen BSN, Chom
Classical Homeopath & CEASE Practitioner


The below review was printed with permission of the author.  Originally published in “Homeopathy Today” of the National Center for Homeopathy, Winter, 2014.


The Toxic Relationship Cure: Clearing Traumatic Damage From A Boss, Parent, Lover Or Friend With Natural, Drug-Free Remedies

by Jerry Kantor, LicAc, CCH Wellesley Hills, MA: Right Whale Press, 2013, Paperback, 155 pages, $25. (Kindle edition $8.49)

Jerry Kantor’s new book is a long-needed contribution to the homeopathic compendium of resources.

BooksUsing engaging and memorable vignettes, The Toxic Relationship Cure gives an insightful discussion of how homeopathy is used constitutionally to help clients with longstanding responses to toxic and unhealthy relationships that have left them with psychological injury—injuries that have often morphed into dis-ease manifesting in both emotional distress and physical symptoms. Kantor rightly points out that our homeopathic library contains many excellent self-help and acute prescribing texts but little or nothing to help the layperson understand the relevance of homeopathy in longstanding bio-psycho-social-spiritual maladies.

He casts a wide net for his audience, aiming his text at victims of toxic relationships who are potential homeopathic clients; mental health professionals; and fellow homeopaths. For the first group, he explains that homeopathic care allows for true psychological and spiritual healing as well as relief from physical symptoms resulting from an injured vital force. For mental health practitioners who see victims of toxicity in their consulting rooms and feel frustrated with the length of time it takes to help such clients recover, Kantor offers a ray of hope in the form of homeopathy. For the professional homeopath, the book provides not only delightful and succinct synopses of our most useful polychrest remedies and some new and lesser-used remedies, but also a great client education tool.

Kantor organizes his book around relationship groups that can result in distorted and toxic experiences – Boss, Parent, Lover, Friend (and a “bonus chapter” on Spiritual Crisis). Starting with the Introduction, he gives one of the most useful descriptions of the basic premise of “like cures like” found in the literature. Using simple metaphors (snake bite, hyperactivity, vaccinations, reverse psychology, and the ever popular “hair of the dog” for hangovers), Kantor describes the essence of a disturbance to the vital force.

Book CoverHe then moves to what may be described as parables for each remedy he discusses. These are fictional stories rather than clinical case histories, a tactic that captures the reader’s attention while showing the nature of the injury as well as its match to the essence of a remedy. “God loves stories” and so does the reader, and these parables are brief, to the point, and clearly etched.

As an example of the range of stories and remedies, here are Chapters 1 and 4 from the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Clearing the Toxic Boss

She intimidates me—Lycopodium Clavatum
All he cares about are numbers – Psorinum
She won’t take no for an answer – Carcinosin
He stifles my initiative – Crotalus ­Hor­ridus
She is a bully – Causticum
He is a hypocrite – Kali Carbonicum
My bosses are laying waste to the planet – Positronium

Chapter 4 – Clearing the Toxic Friend

He set a trap for me – Drosera
She stabbed in the back – Ruta Graviola
He pulled the rug out from under me – Veratrum Album
They diminished me – Gratiola Officinalis
They wore me out – Phosphoric Acidum

Each remedy story is discussed in conjunction with what Kantor calls the Essence of the Remedy: a Key Idea, a Strong Pole (over compensation), a Weak Pole (manifested impact), and the Primary Terrain (the body system most closely associated with this remedy). For example, for Lycopodium’s Essence we see: Key Idea: Insecurity. Weak Pole: ­Impotence, non-readiness, intimidated, ­distractible. Strong Pole: Bossiness, need
to be controlling. Primary Terrain: Gastrointestinal tract.

So, both the lay reader considering homeopathy and the practitioner get a delightful and succinct gem with facets of insight, practicality, and hope.

An additional advantage is Kantor’s ability to incorporate his knowledge as an acupuncturist and scholar of Asian ­medicine into his understanding of the remedies. Here is an example: “According to the Chinese sages individuals who are hoarse, tend to cough, complain of a tickle in the throat, or hawk up phlegm suffer from Spleen dampness either caused by or reflecting the presence of anxiety. As found in Causticum, the phlegm’s preference for the larynx may be accounted for by Hindu Chakra theory that links inability to feel comfortable in one’s own identity, often pursuant to having an unpredictable ­alcoholic parent, with throat Chakra instability.”

As we become more a community of integrated healers, it’s increasingly important to acknowledge the unique contributions each of us brings from our field of expertise into the homeopathic community.

Jerry Kantor’s book is an excellent example of “less is more.” Using simple vignettes, insightful one-line descriptors, and crisp essences, he offers deep insight to the practitioner and renewed hope to the reader who is new to homeopathic constitutional prescribing. The Toxic ­Relationship Cure is a universally useful little gem.



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