The Surprisingly Large Number of Homeless Who are Covid-positive but have NO Symptoms of Illness

Surveys of homeless shelters in San Francisco and Boston show that there are high numbers of homeless who are Covid-19 positive but have no symptoms of illness.

One might normally assume that homeless people who have weakened immune systems, making them very vulnerable to infections like Covid-19.  At present, there is no clear or adequate explanation of these facts. However, one way to interpret this situation is that a large number of homeless are mentally ill.  Schizophrenics and others with mental illness have difficulty with the ability to identify “self” from “non-self,” and this limitation may reduce their immune system’s ability to inflame against a non-self virus.

In any case, the linked articles above provide no special insight into why this phenomena is taking place.


The Exceedingly Small Numbers of Children’s Deaths from Covid-19

One of the ways that Big Media engages in regular fear-mongering is suggesting that Covid-19 could kill anyone, even children.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine (April 23, 2020), a survey of 1,391 children (10 years and younger) with Covid-19 were assessed. Only 3 children needed intensive care, and all three children had serious co-morbidities (hydronephrosis, leukemia [for which the patient was receiving maintenance chemotherapy], and intussusception). Only one child of the 1,391 who were infected with Covid-19 died.

The media commonly reports on Covid-19 killing “younger people,” though they define younger as “under 50 years of age.” An example of this from the Washington Post is here.

5% of the deaths have been in people under 45 years of age, though the majority of these people had comorbidities.  According to the New York Times, the complication rate in “younger people” with Covid is obesity. According to France’s leading newspaper, Le Monde, 83% of people in a ICU in France were overweight.


The Cuban Government’s Proactively Promotes Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccination

There may not yet be a conventional vaccine to Covid-19, but in the meantime, some governments are exploring other alternatives.  The government in Cuba is now promoting the use of a homeopathic medicine to help prevent COVID-19 in its elder population.  The Cuban government decided to take this proactive step due to a very positive experience in the use of a homeopathic medicine that successfully reduced the incidence of a tropical disease called Leptospirosis.

In 2010, a Cuban drug company known to make conventional vaccines decided to experiment with using a homeopathic medicine instead.  This drug company treated 2.3 million Cubans (!), and in that year, Cuba experienced one of its lowest rates in its history of this disease.  (Sadly and strangely, the article that reported on the Cuban government’s promotion of a homeopathic medicine does NOT mention this previous important research, and despite the good news about this new endeavor to prevent COVID-19, this article expresses a lot of skepticism).

Here’s a reference to the study on Leptospirosis:


The Indian Government’s Proactive Steps

As early as late January, the Indian government was recommending a specific homeopathic medicine, Arsenicum album 30C, to prevent this pandemic.

Bajaj Auto is the 3rd most popular manufacturer of motorcycles in the world…and its founder and general manager, Rajiv Bajaj, is very passionate about homeopathic medicine and India’s leading homeopath, Rajan Sankaran. Here’s a news report of his enlightened respect for his employees and for homeopathy, not only for general health but also during this pandemic!



— What worked to stop Covid-19 in China?

— What serious dangers result from the use of immunosuppressive drugs, fever-reducing drugs, and other powerful drugs with known serious side effects?

— What is homeopathy’s history of success in treating infectious disease epidemics?

— What is the real chance of death by Covid-19?

First and foremost, we need to know what have the Chinese done that has worked so well in reducing and even stopping the deaths from Covid-19?

Although the Chinese have been remarkably effective in preventing the increased incidence of this viral infection, the media have NOT been reporting on the fact that the vast majority of Chinese have utilized herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat Covid-19.  This CNN report acknowledges this, and despite the fact that this reporting emphasizes “skepticism” against these more natural alternatives, THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.  The use of natural medicine is clearly working!


The Predictable Problems of American Medical Treatment

Although I have deep respect for the use of ventilators for people experiencing complications from Covid-19, I am deeply worried about the increased need for these technological tools due to inappropriate and even dangerous medical treatment that is common place in American hospitals today.  And why are American and European physicians not learning from the Chinese?

In contrast with the success observed in China, America medical care is totally ignoring what works in China and instead is obsessed with the usage of powerful (and dangerous) anti-viral drugs, steroidal drugs (immunosuppressive drugs), cardiovascular medications that make people more vulnerable to serious complications of this virus, and even the cavalier usage of aspirin, ibuprofen, and fever suppressing drugs, all of which may lead to much higher mortality rates. As Pogo so wisely said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”


The Remarkable Success of Homeopathy in Pandemics

According to the New York Times (March 20, 2020), New York City survived the 1918 flu pandemic so successfully due to the work of its Public Health Commissioner, Royal Copeland, MD, who was a homeopathic physician!

Dr. Copeland’s smart public health programs led NYC to have the lowest death rate of any major city in the USA. Sadly (and typically), this article does not mention that New York City had several large homeopathic hospitals…and homeopaths, unlike conventional doctors, discouraged the usage of aspirin. Conventional doctors typically recommended 25 aspirin tablets a day to reduce the fever, though fever suppressing drugs are dangerous in viral infections, and this pandemic proved it, but we STILL have not learned this lesson.

More details about the real dangers of conventional medicine of that era and about the successes from homeopathic treatment are described in an article I wrote in 2018, the 100th anniversary of this pandemic.

For more information about the history of homeopathy and infectious disease epidemics, click here.


What are YOUR chances of dying from Covid-19?

A highly respected colleague, Christopher Hobbs, PhD, just posted this modeling that shows that, to date, most people who’ve been tested for Covid19 in the U.S. have been considerably more ill than the average person who is infected with this virus…and as such, the death rate is highly skewed. Dr. Hobbs’ modeling is similar to several others who are estimating a much smaller number of deaths because the vast majority of people infected with Covid-19 seem to experience mild and even no symptoms.  And then, there are those who experience a “bad flu” but who do not require hospitalization.

Even until this week, many sick people have not been able to receive the Covid-19 test because medical personnel do not consider them to be “sick enough” to warrant it.  Others are denied the test because they are young.  (For the record, the average age of a person who dies from Covid-19 is 79 years old.  Further, deaths from people who had no “pre-existing chronic condition” was under 1%.

Based on this modeling and confirmed by several others, the estimated mortality rate from Covid-19 is now 0.15%, which is very similar to the death rate from yearly influenza statistics (please note that the mortality rate from the flu ALWAYS includes death from pneumonia, even though the media rarely, if ever, acknowledge this “messy” and questionably good data). (The generally accepted mortality rate for people under 60 years of age  0.15%, according to this source.)

ALL of the above information is congruent with regular hand-washing, social distancing, and temporary stay-at-home measures.