By Dana Ullman MPH


Most people are not aware of the significant body of basic science and clinical re­search in homeopathy.  Whether you have a personal interest in research, you will inevitably know others (friends, family, or family physicians) who will ask you what “evidence” is there that homeopathy works.  The books listed below are very important for this.


  • The Emerging Science of Homeopathy: Complexity, Biodynamics, and Nanopharmacology, by Paulo Bellavite, MD, and Andreas Signorini, MD.  (Written by a professor of pathology and a homeopathic physician, this is the best book on homeopathic research.  It was recently updated in 2002.  Make certain to read and appreciate the two appendices.)
  • Homeopathic Family Medicine (an eBook), by Dana Ullman.  (This resource may be the most important book to get for ANYONE with an interest in homeopathic research. This eBook integrates the latest CLINICAL research in homeopathy with practical clinical information that is useful to health and medical professionals as well as to consumers.)
  • The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous Peole and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy, Dana Ullman (foreword by the Physician to Her Majest Queen Elizabeth II)(This book provides a good overview chapter on homeopathic research, and then, it describes amazing stories from many of the most respect “cultural heroes” of the past 200 years and their use and advocacy for homeopathy.)
  • The Trials of Homeopathy, Michael Emmans Dean, MD (This book gives the HISTORY of research on homeopathy, with a special and highly detailed review of 19th century experiences and studies. Quite an amazing and fascinating book!