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Our owner, Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, has personally selected this group of medicines in this kit

Each bottle is 3.5 grams (which is FOUR TIMES the size of the remedy kits we sell with 50 remedies).

Each remedy is in the 200C potency.

Each bottle has poppy-seed sized pellets which means that there are several hundred pellets per bottle, providing you with more doses than any other of our medicine kits.

Each kit also includes a canvas binder that holds the medicines, and each bottle is held in place by an elastic band.  Although we provide 60 remedies in this kit, the folder that holds the kit fits 58 remedies well…and the additional 2 remedies can be squeezed into the kit, though this can be challenging for some customers.

People who want to purchase a more atractive and more sturdy holder for the remedies might consider this excellent product.

The entire size of the kit is akin to a paperback book, measuring 7.5 inches long, 6.75 inches wide, and 1.875 inches thick.

This kit is ideal for the Home, the Office, or for Travel!

We highly recommend Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, as well as other homeopathic guidebooks HERE.  We also recommend Dana Ullman’s e-course, Learning how to use a Homeopathic Medicine Kit.


60 Remedy Kit:

1) Aconitum Nap

2) Allium Cepa

3) Antimonium Tart

4) Apis Mellifica

5) Arnica Montana

6) Arsenicum Album

7) Belladonna

8) Bellis Perennis

9) Borax

10) Bryonia Alb

11) Calcarea Carbonica

12) Calcarea Phosphorica

13) Calendula

14) Cantharis

15) Carbo Vegetabilis

16) Chamomilla

17) Cinchona (aka China officinalis)

19) Cocculus

19) Coffea

20) Colocynthis

21) Cuprum Metallicum

22) Drosera

23) Eupatorium Perfoliatum

24) Euphrasia

25) Ferrum Phosphoricum

26) Gelsemium

27) Hepar Sulphuris

28) Histaminium

29) Hypericum

30) Ignatia

31) Ipecacuanha

32) Kali Bichromicum

33) Kali Phosphoricum

34) Lachesis

35) Ledum Pal

36) Lycopodium

37) Magnesia Phosphorica

38) Mercurius Sol.

39) Natrum Muriaticum

40) Natrum Sulphuricum

41) Nux Vomica

42) Petroleum

43) Phosphorus

44) Phytolacca

45) Podophyllum

46) Pulsatilla Nigricans

47) Rhus Toxicodendron

48) Ruta Graveolens

49) Sabadilla

50) Sanguinaria

51) Sepia

52) Silicea

53) Spigelia

54) Spongia Tosta

55) Staphysagria

56) Sulphur

57) Symphytum

58) Tabacum

59) Thuja Occidentalis

60) Urtica Urens

This medicine kit is manufactured to high standards by B. Jain Pharmaceuticals in India.