A Century of Homeopaths [#DAVCEN]


Their Influence on Medicine and Health, by Jonathan Davidson, MD, Professor emeritus Duke University


Although this book is quite expensive, there is no other book like it!

This book provides compelling historical information that complements Dana Ullman’s “Homeopathic Revolution,” but rather than describing all of the amazing cultural heroes who used and advocated for homeopathy, this book describes the many graduates of homeopathic medical schools and their contributions to medicine and science. This book is published by Springer, a highly respected publisher of conventional medicine textbooks.

This book is a truly remarkable book! It is the first book to provide detailed historical information about the MANY contributions to modern medicine by homeopathic physicians as well as those physicians who were trained in homeopathic medical schools. And the contributions that homeopathic doctors have made are substantial!

Did you know that the first physician to realize that hayfever was caused by pollen was a homeopathic doctor? Did you know that the first person to experiment with using radiation to treat people with cancer was a student at a homeopathic medical school in Chicago? Did you know that one of the physicians to the late U.S President Ronald Reagan was a homeopathic doctor? Did you know what role homeopathic physicians who were women made to medicine?

As the values of integrative medicine continues to grow, alternative points of view and treatments are increasing in acceptance and prevalence. Homeopathic medicine is considered an important root to this approach. However, contributions of homeopathically qualified doctors have long been overlooked. This book is a truly remarkable book! It is the first book to .

A Century of Homeopaths is a detailed account of the many homeopaths who have contributed to medical progress since 1840. The accomplishments of over 100 homeopaths form the organizing structure of the book – many of whom have been lost to history. The text describes the ways in which homeopaths have influenced medical practice, research and public health, as well as the seminal effect of homeopaths in the emergence of today’s medical specialties and in social reform, thus providing insights to healthcare professionals, researchers, students and medical historians.

Jonathan Davidson, MD Emeritus Professor Department of Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center Extensive record of publishing – over 400 peer reviewed scientific papers, over 50 book chapters. Sole author or co-author of The Anxiety Book (Penguin Putnam/Riverside, 2003), Downing Street Blues: A Historical Account of Depression and Other Mental Afflictions in British Prime Ministers (McFarland Publishing Co., 2011), Herbs for the Mind (Guilford Publications, 2000), Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: DSM-IV and Beyond (American Psychiatric Publishing, 1993), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment (Martin Dunitz, 2000) and other books on anxiety for clinical practitioners. Principal investigator of many federally- and pharmaceutically-funded studies. Over 800 talks and presentations. Dr. Davidson is a medically qualified author with extensive experience in the clinical practice of medicine, a productive academic teaching and research record. His qualifications and stature are established in complementary medicine, including homeopathy and herbal medicine.

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