Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice by JOHN SAXTON, MRCVS [#SAXBOW]


John Saxton, MRCVS



“Bowel nosodes” are homeopathic doses of different bacteria taken from the large intestines of a human.  With increased modern interest in the biome and with the emergence of conventional medicine provide “fecal implants” to people in order to re-establish most complex (good) bacterial growth for digestion, it is intriguing to learn that homeopaths have had their own form of fecal implants using bowel nosodes!

The group of eleven homeopathic remedies known as the Bowel Nosodes are unique in both their derivation and the opportunities that they offer. Although they have some indications in acute prescribing, because of the connection and resonance that they have with the miasmatic forces that are active in the body, they are particularly useful in the treatment of chronic disease.

The origin of these remedies lies in human medicine, and there are still major indications in that field. Their development is traced and the concept behind them is explained and discussed within the context of modern homeopathic thought. The general uses of the group in the clinical situation are outlined, and the materia medica of the individual bowel nosodes is discussed. The various methods of using the bowel nosodes are illustrated with nine case histories from the human world and ten from the animal, demonstrating the common guidelines that are applicable to all species. The third edition is revised, expanded and updated.


ISBN 9781908127181

195 Pages


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