Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky by PETER FRASER [#FRASPI]


Transformation Between the Realms by Peter Fraser


Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky


There are a large number of Spider Remedies that have been proved and are now available and it is often difficult to differentiate between them. With the Spider Remedies the need for extremely precise and careful differentiation seems to be even more important than it is with other remedies. When a Spider Remedy is called for, those that are not exactly correct will often have very little or no significant effect and only the one that is indicated will be effective. This book includes an understanding of the general Spider picture that will show the need for a Spider Remedy. It also includes a detailed picture of the known Spiders and their distinguishing features which can be used to differentiate between them.

Transformation between the Realms

The remedies that move between the Realms of Sea, Earth, Sky and Underworld have a particular dynamic relationship to that transformation. Understanding this dynamic helps to understand the group as a whole and to find the subtle difference between its members. Groups include the Insects, the Birds, the Spiders, the Snakes, the Lacs, the Drugs and the Trees.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2-4
Spiders – Suspended between Earth and Sky 5-8
Spider Remedies in General 9-18
Taxonomy 19-21
Repertorizing 22
Mygale lasiodora – Black Cuban Bird Spider 23-25
Tarentula cubensis – Cuban Tarantula 26
Atrax robustus – Sydney Funnel Web Spider 27-28
Loxosceles reclusa – Brown Recluse Spider 29-31
Pholcus phalangoides – Daddy-Long-Legs Spider 32-33
Tegenaria atrica – Common House Spider 35-36
Tarentula hispanica – Wold Spider 37-39
Portia fimbriata – Fringed Jumping Spider 40
Portia fimbriata – Fringed Jumping Spider 40-42
Aranea scinenci – Jumping Spider 43
Aranea diadema – Cross Spider 44-46
Aranea ixobola – Papal Cross Spider 47-48
Latrodectus mactans – Black Widow Spider 49-51
Latrodectus hasseltii – Redback Spider 52-53
Theridion curassavicum – Orange Spider 54-56
Lampona cylindrata – White Tailed Spider 57-58
Tela – Spider’s Web 59-60


60 Pages


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