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Mind Technologies, the developer of India’s most popular homeopathic software ‘HOMPATH,’ has developed a special educational DVD for homeopathic practitioners and serious students. This special power-packed DVD is a synergy of up-to-date homeopathic wisdom with the latest state-of-the-art software technology…ALL at a VERY reasonable price!!! 

  1. The “CURE SERIES DVD”  entitled “CURE is All that Matters!”

CURE : An excellent educational DVD set having a learning material equivalent to 25+ homeopathic seminars including powerful presentations from 100+ National & International Teachers and pioneers.

The CURE SERIES has following knowledge base:

  • 300+ interesting cases
  • 500+ multimedia presentations
  • 100+ remedy descriptions with multimedia
  • 1500+ remedy descriptions with confirmatory symptoms and nucleus of each remedy
  • 3000+ remedy properties (The source, origin, part used, a comprehensive description)
  • 800+ remedies, remedy relationships (complementary, follows well, inimical, antidote etc.)
  • 600+ clinical condition descriptions, do’s and don’ts and patient instructions
  • 72+ Diet and Nutrition instructions for most common clinical conditions
  • 40+ multimedia lectures on pharmacy
  • Complete description of MIASMS with powerful Power Point presentations
  • Newly proved remedies like Ayahuasca, Salmon, Olive, Helium, Ginseng, Lotus, Mandrake root, Rosa canina, Rosa gallica
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & 8 and with MAC OS Tiger (10.4) and above.

….and many more unique features

Isn’t this exactly what you want to Write Your Own Success Story??

         Original Price $199           Offer Price $99 only



  • Gain precious knowledge sitting in the comfort and convenience of your home or clinic
  • Save valuable time, which you can spend in clinic or other fruitful activity
  • Cut down your cost of learning to 1/10th or even less
  • Upgrade your knowledge base and enhance your practice

Features of CURE DVD divided section wise:

Cure 1: synergy of homeopathic wisdom and cutting-edge technology

  • Beautifully cured cases by contemporary homoeopaths like dr. Anil Bhatia, Dr. Farokh Master, dr. D.P. Rastogi, Dr. Kishore mehta, Dr. Jawahar shah, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala  to name a few…
  • In-depth description and understanding of psora miasm
  • Amazing presentation on stress management
  • Delineation of principles of integrated medicine

Cure 2: cure and homeopathy go hand-in-hand

  • A super – potentized dose of homeopathic similimum
  • Multimedia materia medica of carcinocin, stramonium, platina
  • Enlighten yourself with the rich experience of the masters through actual solved cases.
  • In-depth description and understanding of sycosis miasm
  • Valuable tips on ‘how to study materia medica’ systematically

Cure 3: a wonderful fusion of wisdom of old masters and contemporary pioneers

  • Dr. Kent’s 111 cured cases.
  • A spectacular collection of 29 challenging cases Dr. Robin murphy’s regional repertory on 11 different topics.
  • Complete proving of a new remedy ‘panthera tigris’ (tiger’s urine)
  • Contemporary study of natrum remedies with 250+ materia medica
  • Complete module on homeopathic treatment and management of hiv / aids
  • In-depth description and understanding of syphilis miasm
  • Kentian posology

Cure 4: secret world of spiders unraveled

  • Comprehensive authentic classification of spider family
  • Detail study of 13 spider group of remedies
  • Materia medica from 50+ books and 20+ authors
  • Spider remedy symptoms from 29 repertories
  • Comparative study, group symptoms, mental symptoms, confirmatory symptoms – all vividly described using multimedia tools
  • Unique symptoms of each spider remedy
  • Lucid comparative charts
  • Go ahead and uncover the enchanting world of spiders…

Cure 5: Sehgal method decoded : a comprehensive guide to roh

  • Enlighten yourself about Dr. Sehgal’s rediscovery of homeopathy approach
  • Study the history, background, and basic concepts of roh
  • Understand and grasp the practical and clinical aspect of roh method
  • Acquaint yourself with unique interpretations of mind symptoms as per roh
  • Study numerous solved cases to fathom and master the Roh method

Cure 6: snakes & scorpions – treasure trove of venoms that heal

  • Get the essence of the snake and scorpion group remedies
  • In-depth study of 19 snake and 3 newly proved scorpion remedies.
  • Whole new snake repertory with easy comparison
  • Study snake remedies from 33 mm books
  • Test your knowledge with mcqs, scqs and lcqs
  • Unravel a world that is deadly, yet fascinating..…venomous, yet curative !

Cure 7: body language and homoeopathy

  • Dr. Ajit Kulkarni’s innovative and novel presentations on body language – its interpretation and practical application in homoeopathy.
  • Master the art of comprehending the patient’s non-verbal communication
  • 4 clinical repertories – aids, hypertension, diabetes, trauma
  • Bird’s eye view of body language and its utility in homeopathic prescribing
  • Amazing insights into several remedies using the concept of body language
  • New insights into the mercury, kali and ferrum groups

Cure 8: children and homoeopathy – gain mastery in pediatric homoeopathy

  • Handling pediatric cases can be very challenging and emotionally draining….now help is at hand
  • Dr. Sunil Anand shares his rich experience and expertise in treating pediatric cases.
  • Enhance your understanding and treat your pediatric cases with more confidence.
  • Learn the gentle art of understanding the unique way of communication of children – its understanding, interpretation and application for therapeutic purpose.
  • Master the art and science of treating children swiftly and safely.

Cure 9: history of medicine

  • Concept of man/woman – psychological aspect of man/woman marvelously elucidated with a vivid presentation
  • Travel back in time and trace the journey of medicine throughout history
  • 600+ power point slides
  • Life and works of dr. Samuel Hahnemann with a fantastic video tribute
  • Mcqs to test your knowledge
  • Seek inspiration by reading the history of 30 pioneers of homeopathy
  • Experience the fascinating and fruitful journey of evolution of medicine

Cure 10: incomparable knowledge fund to create your success story

  • 800 remedy properties, keynotes, relationships vividly depicted using multimedia tools
  • 200+ patient instructions(printable) about important health issues with etiology, symptoms, do’s and don’ts
  • 70+ diet and nutrition instructions(printable) to protect and preserve your health
  • 20+ newly proved remedies including butterfly, helium, oxygen, sea horse, reticulated python, etc.

Materia medica elite: a 360 degree view of homoeopathic remedies

  • Multimedia presentations of 31 important remedies
  • Complete materia medica, drug pictures, keynotes, drug properties depicted in an astonishing power point presentation format
  • Entire materia medica of the remedy in a tabular format for easy reading

Miasms: a comprehensive treatise

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of miasms gathered from various authentic sources, all in one place
  • All the 4 miasms beautifully elucidated with multimedia presentations
  • Actual solved cases of stalwarts depicting the miasmatic approach in each case
  • Gain proficiency in the miasmatic approach

Pharmacy: art and science of homeopathic pharmacy

  • Based on the book “art and science of homeopathic pharmacy” by dr. Sumit goel
  • One of the finest source of informationon the subject of pharmacy in homoeopathy
  • Covers the entire syllabus for college exams and much more
  • Information obtained from original sources like hahnemann and the pharmacopoeia and covers every aspect of the subject starting from the sources to the dispensing of the medicines

Mm live: “mm live” where every remedy is brought to life !!

  • Welcome to the world of living materia medica where the remedy is vividly brought to life.
  • Grab the opportunity to see the complete evolution of the remedy.
  • Understand the remedy as if seeing and experiencing it in a live human being.
  • Visually perceive the remedy in a living human being and be a better prescriber.
  • In-depth perception of common as well as rare remedies such as agaricus, platina, gratiola, germanium, vanadium and many more.
  • Get an unforgettable 360-degree view of the remedy.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface for easy & quick navigation.
Remedies included in mm live
1. Agaricus 9.    Palladium 17. Tarentula hispanica
2. Platina 10. Germanium 18. Moschus
3. China 11. Stramonium 19. Veratrum album
4. Tarentula cubensis 12. Tellurium 20. Oenanthe crocata
5. Gratiola officinalis 13. Opium 21. Medorrhinum
6. Niccolum 14. Cannabis indica 22. Manganum
7. Vanadium 15. Selenium  
8. Cannabis sativa 16. Elaterium  



  • Seeing and hearing highlights of the remedy makes it easier to recall when treating an actual case.
  • Enhance your knowledge of materia medica and prepare yourself to reach the next level in your practice.

Demystify the core essence of remedies for better retention and recollection…………and much more…


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