Emotional Healing with Homeopathy by PETER CHAPPELL [#CHAEMO]

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Peter Chappell, RSHom


Learn what homeopathy offers for people with anxiety, depression, phobias, and so many other emotional and mental health concerns.

Written by one of the founders of England’s Society of Homeopaths, this book is full of practical information that is useful for both homeopathic practitioners and consumers. Besides being an excellent clinician, Chappell has spent a lot of time treating people and teaching homeopathy in many eastern European and African countries, and in so doing, he has developed a lot of experience in treating traumatized people.

This self-help manual describes remedies for emotional traumas, including grief, abuse, addictions, anger, phobias, anxieties, and much more!

“Peter Chappell description of the traumatic background of disease is confirmed in the medical literature and homeopathic practice. This book is wonderfully practical in helping us find the correct homeopathic medicine to treat emotional traumas. Chappell’s definition of traumatic experience extends from the absolutely horrible to the emotional challenges of the average human life, the life experiences which generate health-altering psycho-physiological effects and lead to diseases. This book is a powerful reminder that effective homeopathic treatment can help provide effective health care to many people.”

Edward Chapman, MD, Clinical Instructor, Tufts University School of Medicine; former President, American Institute of Homeopathy

“This book is a rich and valuable resource for lay people wanting to learn more about introductory homeopathy. The scope covers a range of conditions that stem from all types of traumas, from psychological to physical. Traumas often involve interwoven insults to mind and body that conventional medicine does not address effectively. By its whole person approach, homeopathy is at home in dealing with these complex problems. The book conveys both specific information about many remedies for individuals with different kinds of health problems related to trauma and a general sense of homeopathic thinking in evaluating cases.”

Iris R. Bell, MD PhD,
Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Medicine, Surgery, and Public Health, The University of Arizona College of Medicine


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