Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homeopathy by DR. ABDUR REHMAN [#REHENC]


Dr. Abdur Rehman


The publisher has taken this book OUT OF PRINT.  Its only source is from our customers who have purchased it in the past from us and who have now retired from practice.  The cost of such used copies may still be the same or higher due to the extra time and effort to find this book.


This is the most comprehensive book available on remedy relationships, including complementary remedies, successive remdies, inimical remedies, and antidotal remedies. This is a valuable textbook to add to your library.

In daily homoeopathic practice, it is not enough to find the right remedy. Especially in patients with chronic diseases who have already undergone treatment or in whom a well following remedy must be determined owing to changing symptoms, the complementary inimical remedy and antidotes must be distinguished. There is only very scattered data in the homoeopathic literature. Moreover, the different sources are sometimes contradictory.

This is the first largely complete handbook on remedy relationships with practical orientation. The list of complementary, following and inimical remedies, antidotes and collaterals is supplemented by data on interactions, duration of action, food which has to be avoided, references to miasmas and practical tips on use of the remedies. The clinical notes on the quality and the special features of the respective remedy relationship are particularly advantageous. This is a further major help in choosing a remedy.

The book is an excellent complement to the homoeopathic materia medica. It is a useful handbook for the consecutive prescription. Every homoeopathic practice should have one.


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