Essence of Materia Medica (2nd edition)


George Vithoulkas


This second edition has been prepared with the text freed from the errors that the first one carried and an index of remedies added. It is expected that this index will facilitate understanding of the fine differences in the symptomatology of the remedies answering the same rubric in the repertory, thus help pick up the right remedy for the case in hand.

It will be evident to the reader that George Vithoulkas has drawn heavily for Kent, mainly his lectures on “Homeopathic Materia Medica” and his “Repertory” – the two of his famous trio. While, acknowledging these quotes, George Vithoulkas takes the trouble to point out where his own experience differed from that of the great Master.

The treatment of the fiftyone remedies in this volume is an illustration of what is meant by carrying the Materia Medica in one’s head for use at bedside!


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