Healing the Soul Volume 1 – By David Lilley


The Lives of Samuel Hahnemann and William Lilley


Healing the Soul – Volume One

The Lives of Samuel Hahnemann and William Lilley

By David Lilley


Through the histories of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, and William Lilley a renowned medium, psychic healer and homeopath, this book brings together two vital threads essential to the art of healing: the science of the soul and the science of homeopathy. It is a book written not only for the professional, but also for the greater public seeking an answer to disease.


No system of medicine can be regarded as healing if it fails to recognize the primacy of the soul in disease causation, and fails to treat the soul. The soul, mind and body constitute the three indivisible aspects of the unit of life. Disease of one must indicate disease of all. In this hierarchy, the soul is supreme and causative; physical and mental diseases are merely bearing witness to dis-ease experienced at soul level. Born of the soul’s lack of basic trust, the subversive force that challenges the sovereignty and ease of the soul (the true-self) is the ego-self (the false-self). Disease takes origin at the interface between these two conflicting forces. To heal any mental or physical disease it is essential to heal the soul of its ego-based disease.




About the author   ix

Acknowledgements   xi

Introduction   1



The enduring legacy of Samuel Hahnemann


Legacy from the past   33

Similla Similibus Curentur   59

The new Paracelsus   75

The Law of the Infinitesimal dose   93

Besieged and exiled   105

The chronic diseases   117

Last years in Kothen   139

Paris – rejuvenation and departure   161

Of passion and potency   193

Pride, prejudice and politics   227

Quantum medicine   257



The remarkable history of William Lilley


The gift of healing   289

The Sanctuary   317

The move to London   347

Silver Birch – wisdom from beyond the grave   375

Healing and teaching   403

Controversy and initiation   431

A place in the Sun   457

Miracles ad magistrates   481

Master and pupil   507

Passing   535

The ego-self: The disease of the soul   549


Index   561


ISBN 9781908127051

574 Pages


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