Homeopathic Emergency Guide by THOMAS KRUZEL ND, DHANP


Thomas Kruzel, ND


This book is the best complement to other introductory guidebooks. It is slightly more sophisticated because the author provides more detailed information and more remedies for each condition. Such information increases the chances of finding and giving the correct remedy.

“This book is an excellent addition to the modern homeopathic literature. Like the Washington University Manual of Medical Therapeutics, which was my “external brain” throughout medical school, the Homeopathic Emergency Guide is extremely useful for the busy homeopath. It is also valuable for physicians and others new to homeopathy.”

Jennifer Jacobs, MD, University of Washington, School of Public Health; Past President of the International Foundation for Homeopathy

As homeopathic medicine becomes more available, increasing numbers of clinicians, families and patients are learning how to use these natural medicines to treat common ailments. Using homeopathic medicines, however, is not as simple as matching symptoms with remedies. To get the best results with homeopathic medicines, it is essential to individualize a remedy according to the pattern of symptoms shown in the sick person.

Dr. Thomas Kruzel’s Homeopathic Emergency Guide is a quick and reliable handbook to assist the practitioner of homeopathy with the task of individualizing cases. Since it is organized by diseases and symptoms, the case taker can compare the totality of symptoms with remedies and more easily select the right remedy.


“Concise and well-organized, this should be a useful book for all students of homeopathy.”

Roger Morrison, MD
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy

“For acute ailments as well as emergencies, this book provides detailed information about lesser known but important remedies. The Homeopathic Emergency Guide will be valuable for both the sophisticated layperson and the practitioner.”

Dana Ullman, M.P.H.,
author of The Homeopathic Revolution and Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants, and co-author of Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines.

Book Review

This book review is reprinted with permission from the journal, Homeopathic Links (Spring, 1993).
Reviewed by Roland Wegmuller

‘The Homeopathic Emergency Guide’ is a concise and well organized handbook for the daily practice and also the sophisticated layperson.

The clinical guide provides the practitioner with a synopsis of the most characteristic symptoms of the leading remedies in a given condition.

It is organised by diseases and symptoms, yet provides the information to individualise the prescription in a homoeopathic way. To each disease the main rubrics in Kent are referred to. Unfortunately a differential between the listed remedies is not worked out, a task often useful when the main characteristics do not stand out. The remedies are listed in alphabetical order rather than according to their importance, which may have even further enhanced the practical value of this book.

Each section begins with a brief description of the disorder or condition. Special attention is called to the possible complications and need for medical investigation. An attempt has been made to note modalities which are specific to the disease and should therefore not not be considered for the selection of the remedy.

Included are a number of flow charts for main acutes, such as gastroenteritis, cystitis and otitis, to guide you in a step by step process to the prescription. A glossary of medical terms follows at the back.

This is a very practical and valuable manual which helps you to screen quickly through the most frequently indicated remedies in an acute condition. It also reminds you on possible complications and, last but not least, refers to corresponding rubrics, which will be the starting point to the homoeopathic search when none of the listed remedies is indicated in this particular patient.


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