Helium & Intro to the Noble Gases


by Jeremy Sherr


Jeremy Sherr has been researching and writing about the Noble gases since 1993, and in his own words “Helium is the gateway to the seven noble gases. The noble gases are the key to understanding the periodic table. The elements of the periodic table are the building blocks of the universe. I therefore embarked on an investigation of the Noble gases towards a deeper understanding of health, disease and our entire materia medica. The journey began in 1993 with the proving of Neon. I followed in 1995 with the Helium, and 1997 gave birth to both Krypton and Argon. My friend and colleague Silvie Gowen later proved Xenon and Radon. Thus the six noble samurai are near completed, missing only the seventh and most elusive ‘Element 118′. These collective provings form a family of remedies, grouped together not only by their unique placement in the periodic chart and consequent proving symptoms. It is this family that I have set out to examine, based not on speculation but on the correct homoeopathic sequence of provings followed by perception followed by clinical cases.

I have waited a long time to publish these volumes partly because I wanted to accumulate a comprehensive body of clinical experience, and partly because these provings are at the same time complex and amazing, both as individual remedies and as a group pattern. In this game the provings have provided the raw information. I am merely an interpreter. It has taken the best of my mental ability to ponder, perceive, and unravel some of the secrets hidden within these remedies.

The ultimate volume in this series will attempt to reach some conclusions regarding the noble gases as a family, and perhaps more importantly to use the knowledge gained to investigate the preceding rows of elements and the entire periodic table; its aspirations, limitations and clinical applications. Furthermore I hope to go beyond these concepts by using the understanding gained to take a peek into a small corner of our vast universe. As such this work is an opus, and by far the most difficult intellectual challenge I have ever undertaken.”

About the author

Jeremy Sherr has practiced and taught homoeopathy for 31 years. He practices in London, New York and Tel Aviv and is principle of  ‘The Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Medicine’ one of the oldest post graduate course in the world today. Jeremy has taught homoeopathy throughout  the USA and Europe, as well as in Canada, China, India, Mexico, Japan, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  He has conducted 34 classical homoeopathic provings and is the author of ‘The Dynamics and Methodology of  Homoeopathic Provings’ ‘Dynamic Materia Medica volume I-Syphilis’ ‘Dynamic provings Volume I and II’, ‘The Repertory of Mental Qualities’ and ‘The Dynamis Case Taker’. He has published  numerous articles on homoeopathy and  has conducted several research programs.

Since 2008, Jeremy has been living in Tanzania, Africa. Together with is wife Camilla, he has established several rural clinics and is working in the local hospital. They have treated over 1500 AIDS patients and have established food programs and a day care centre for children with AID


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