NOTE:  This medicine has arrived (November 6th)!


Important note:  We are selling this remedy at the request of select homeopaths who prefer to use a different prototcol.  When you order this larger bottle of Influenzinum 200C, we don’t send you our protocol because our protocol is based on the single-unit doses of 9C here.


This medicine is a homeopathic dose of the 4 MOST RECENT STRAINS OF THE INFLUENZA VIRUS. These 4 most recent strains of the flu virus are determined by the World Health Organization for the 2023-2024 flu season…and then, it is prepared homeopathically to the 9C potency.



We also recommend using Thymuline 9C concurrently!  Thymuline is a hormone from the Thymus gland (which is immediately above your heart), and the hormone is known to help your body create T-cell that are so important for fighting viruses, including many in which we encounter during the winter months.  A larger and more economical bottle of Thymuline 9C is HERE!

To access a leading homeopathic medicine for the treatment of influenza and for “influenza-like syndromes,” you will want to know about:

— Oscillococcinum (one box of six doses)

— Oscillococcinum (two boxes of six doses…at a further discount)

— Oscillococcinum (a box of 30 doses at our best price!)

For information on scientific studies in the treatment of the flu, go to: Homeopathy and Influenza: Real Research, Real Results


Active Ingredients: Influenzinum 9C


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