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This remedy is in PELLET FORM (lactose pellets) in the 9C potency.  People who are sensitive to lactose might consider placing the pellets in water, stirring vigorously, and taking a sip of the water.  However, it is uncertain if this dilution will be adequate for people who are lactose intolerant.

The thymus gland is an important part of your immune system.  The thymus gland  lies just under the sternum — i.e., anterior to (in front of ) the heart.  Thymulin is a hormone from the thymus gland…and this is a homeopathic dose of it!  Ultimately, thymulin helps the body create T-cells, which help the body fight viral infection.

The thymus gland plays an especially important role for infants and children and throughout puberty. When you hit puberty the gland starts to shrink and fatty tissue replaces it.

Although the thymus gland reduces in size as we age, it still fulfills several key purposes. The thymus is responsible for producing white blood cells, which defend us against many types of infections, and it creates hormones, such as thymuline, that enhance our overall immune system. These hormones are responsible for stimulating the production of T lymphocytes, or T-cells for short. These immune system cells help to ward off infection in the body. Once produced in the thymus, T-cells travel to your lymph nodes, where they help the body fight infection.

We provide the above explanation to help people understand modern physiology.  We make no claims about what homeopathic doses of thymulin provide.

Homeopaths have a history of using Thymuline to help boost the body’s own defenses during the change of seasons, during periods of stress, and in case of slow or difficult recovery from illness. In the fall and winter months, Thymulin and Influenzinum help strengthen the body’s defenses against winter time conditions.

Each bottle of Thymulin is usually good for 2-3 people per season for prophylaxis…and one per person at other times.

In wintertime,  we highly recommend using Thymuline and Influenzinum together. If you order both of these remedies from us, we will send them both together as soon as Influenzinum becomes available (the NEWEST version usually some time in late October or November).  We keep shipping costs within the USA to be $8.50 per shipment, whether you order 1 or 100 (or whatever) of these homeopathic medicines.


Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.