Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy by JAMES TYLER KENT MD [#KENPHI]

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James T. Kent, MD


Our edition of this book was published in the USA…and is of a high quality than those published in India!


Every serious student should know the philosophy and methodology of classical homeopathy and this is THE book from which to learn it. Originally written in 1900 as an update to The Organon, this book is still ahead of its time.

As increasing numbers of people turn to alternative healing practices, this classic text on the science and art of homeopathic medicine remains ever relevant. Written at the turn of the twentieth century by a distinguished physician, its concepts of health and healing are still ahead of our time. Dr. Kent summarizes, interprets, and systematizes the traditions of homeopathy, offering insights into the essential characteristics of the healing process: how to take a case history, how to study the case, how to establish the hierarchy of symptoms in determining the appropriate remedy–and above all, how to decide what to do after the first prescription, how to interpret the many reactions to therapy, and how to achieve a scientific understanding of a cure. This informative volume is must reading for any student or practitioner of homeopathy as well as any individual seriously interested in understanding the fundamental laws of health and healing.

LECTURE 1 : Organon § 1. “The sick”.
LECTURE 2 : Organon § 2 The highest ideal of a cure.
LECTURE 3 : Organon § 3. Perfection of what is curable in disease, curative in medicine and the application of last to first.
LECTURE 4 : Organon § 4. ” Fixed principles.” Law And Government From Centre.
LECTURE 5 : Organon § 5. Discrimination as to maintaining external causes and surgical cases.
LECTURE 6 : Organon § 6. The unprejudiced observer notes only chance of state as shown by symptoms.
LECTURE 7 : Organon § 7. Footnote. Indispositions and the removal of their cause.
LECTURE 8 : Organon § 9. Simple substance.
LECTURE 9 : Organon § 10 and 11. Disorder first in vital force.
LECTURE 10 : Organon § 13. Materialism in medicine
LECTURE 11 : Organon § 16 (1) Healthy state. (2) How made sick. (3) How cured only deranged and cured in dynamics planes.
LECTURE 12 : The removal of the totality of symptoms means the removal of the cause.
LECTURE 13 : The law of similars. [Read Organon § 21-25.]
LECTURE 14 : Susceptibility.
LECTURE 15 : Protection from sickness. Organon § 35 et seq.
LECTURE 16 : Oversensitive patients. Organon § 44 et seq.
LECTURE 17 :The science and the art.
LECTURE 18 : Chronic diseases – Psora
LECTURE 19 : Chronic diseases-psora (continued)
LECTURE 20 : Chronic diseases-syphilis
LECTURE 21 : Chronic diseases-sycosis
LECTURE 22 : Disease and drug study in general
LECTURE 23 : The examination of the patient
LECTURE 24 : The examination of the patient (continued)
LECTURE 25 : The examination of the patient (continued)
LECTURE 26 : The examination of the patient (continued)
LECTURE 27 : Record keeping
LECTURE 28 : The study of provings
LECTURE 29 : Idiosyncrasies
LECTURE 30 : Individualization
LECTURE 31 : Characteristics
LECTURE 32 : The value of symptoms
LECTURE 33 : The value of symptoms. (continued)
LECTURE 34 : The homoeopathic aggravation
LECTURE 35 : Prognosis after observing the action of the remedy
LECTURE 36 : The second prescription
LECTURE 37 : Difficult and incurable cases – palliation


James Tyler Kent, M.D. (Born in Woodhull, New York, 1849). He proved many new remedies. He advocated the use of potencies made on the centesimal scale. Dr. Kent introduced the doctrine of; ‘Series in Degrees’ in the treatment of chronic diseases, Theory of Octaves’, ‘Law of Vital Action and Reaction’. He laid importance on mind symptom in treating chronic cases. He taught Materia Medica at the Homoeopathic Medical College of St. Louis, from 1881-88, at the School of Homoeopathy, Philadelphia from 1890-99, atHahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Chicago from 1903-09. His repertory which was published in 1897 remains the most sought after book in homeopathy till date. He died on 6th June 1916 but his contribution are immortal.


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