Miasms of the New Millennium by DR. NANCY HERRICK and ROGER MORRISON, MD [#HERMIA]


by Dr. Nancy Herrick & Dr. Roger Morrison


Miasms of the New Millennium
by Dr. Nancy Herrick & Dr. Roger Morrison
This book is a large 535-page hardback edition, written by two of America’s leading homeopathic doctors. It is an exceedingly important textbook for homeopaths and for anyone who wishes to better understand the nature of chronic disease…and how to treat it more effectively with homeopathic medicines…

The result of years of study and careful analysis by two master homeopaths, Miasms of the New Millennium makes the ten miasms vivid and alive in a way no other work has done. With the words of patients informing every page, the book presents detailed descriptions of the themes, language, and confirmatory symptoms for each miasm, followed by actual cases. A definitive source for both skilled practitioners and students of homeopathy, Miasms of the New Millennium advances our fundamental understanding of our patients and enhances our ability to heal them.

Nancy and Roger’s book will be of great help in understanding and using Miasms in practice. Beautifully written and illustrated through cases, it is such a gift to the community.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

In this book, Herrick and Morrison provide an outstanding exploration of the ten homeopathic miasms used in modern homeopathic practice. It is a must read for beginning homeopathic students and advanced practitioners alike.
– Todd Rowe, MD

Roger and Nancy’s new book sheds a clear light on the confusing and enigmatic subject of miasms, which are now an integral part of the sensation approach. It contains rich and detailed descriptions of the themes and characteristics of each miasm, with helpful differentiations of the often subtle distinctions. As with all of Roger and Nancy’s books, this is one of those reference books that you always want to have on your desk.
– Jo Daly, CCH


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