Mother Tinctures: Therapeutics & Materia Medica by DR VINAY JAIN [#JAIMOT]


By Dr. Vinay Jain


Mother Tinctures: Therapeutics and Materia Medica

By Dr. Vinay Jain


– Mother Tinctures-Therapeutics & Materia Medica has been written with great endeavour and sincerity with the purpose of acquainting homeopathic practitioners with infallible drugs which can be used in tincture form.

– The book contains the most valuable prescriptions and experiences of the world-renowned homeopathy physicians who have gained laurels by dint of using these mother tinctures.

– In the hurry and bustle of this age, sometimes the physician is not in a position to devote much time to reach the similimum. Allopathy-minded patients demand immediate relief of ailments. For this end in view, this book is indeed a marvellous one. Many mother tinctures will at once arrest the progress of many diseases and afford instant cure.

– The book contains materia medica of 265 mother tinctures; also therapeutics has been given with the directions about dosage and repetition.


Paperback, 240 pages



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