Reptiles By Frans Vermeulen


Materia Medica, Clinical Manifestations, Affinities, Biological Profiles and Characteristics

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By Frans Vermeulen

Materia Medica, Clinical Manifestations, Affinities, Biological Profiles and Characteristics of Colubrids, Constrictors, Crocodilians, Dinosaurs, Elapids, Lizards, Pit Vipers, Sea Snakes, True Vipers, Turtles, Worm lizards.


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Dedication      xxi

Acknowledgements      xxiii

About the Author      xxv

Preface      xxvii


Class Reptilia – Reptiles    1

Division and Overview


Reptilian Traits    5

Shared Characteristics

Those Crawly Things

The Reptilian Brain

Reptilian Humanoids


Crocodilians    1

Biological Profile

Crocodilian Connotations

Surviving the Death Roll


Crocodilians in homeopathy    31

Alligator mississippiensis – American alligator

Alligator sinensis – Chinese alligator

Crocodylus acutus – American crocodile

Crocodylus novaeguineae – New Guinea crocodile


Dinosaurs in Homeopathy    43

Maiasaura lapidea – fossilized dinosaur bone

Siroccopteryx moroccoensis – pterosaur dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex – T-rex


Lizards    51

Biological Profile

Listing Lizards

Lizards from Head to Tail

Basic Behaviour Patterns

Lizards & Leprosy

Lizard Saying & Proverbs

Lizards in the Materia Medica


Lizards in Homeopathy    84

Lizard Family – a Concept

Lizard Themes

Anguis fragilis – Slow-worm

Basiliscus basiliscus – Common basilisk

Basiliscus vittatus – Brown basilisk

Chamaeleo chamaeleon – Common chameleon

Chamaeleo dilepis – Flap-necked chameleon

Chamaeleo zeylanicus – Indian chameleon

Chlamydosaurus kingii – Frill-necked lizard

Elgaria coerulea – Northern alligator lizard

Elgaria kingii – Madrean alligator lizard

Furcifer oustaleti – Giant Madagascar chameleon

Heloderma – horridum & suspectum

Heloderma horridum – Mexican beaded lizard

Heloderma suspectum – Gila monster

Hemidactylus flaviviridus – Yellow-bellied gecko

Iguana iguana – Green iguana

Lacerta agilis – Sand lizard

Lacerta muralis – Common wall lizard

Lacerta vivipara – Viviparous lizard

Pogona vitticeps – Central bearded lizard

Sceloporus occidentalis – Western fence lizard

Varanus komodoensis – Komodo dragon


Snakes    165

Biological Profile

From False Notion to Devotion

  1. Snake Legends
  2. Helpless to Break the Spell
  3. Fang Club Members Taking On The Serpent
  4. Serpent Handling
  5. Serpent Worship

Snake Slang – Imagery & Metaphors

Venomous Phenomena

Neurotoxins – Paresis & Paralysis

Haemotoxins – Cardiovascular Assault & Clotting Crisis

Cytotoxins – Swelling & Tissue Death

Myotoxins – Muscle Pain & Muscle Destruction

Cardiotoxins – Heart & Circulation

For Goodness Snakes – Venoms as Medicines


Snakes in Homeopathy    199

Snake Themes according to Farokh Master

Snake Themes according to Massimo Mangialavori

Snake Themes according to Rajan Sankaran

Snake Themes according to Jayesh Shah

Snake Themes according to Konstantinos Pisios

Family Boidae – Constrictors    206

Biological Profile

Inclusion Body Disease


Boidae in Homeopathy    208

Antaresia perthensis – Pygmy python

Boa constrictor – Boa constrictor

Corallus hortulanus – Amazon tree boa

Eunectes murinus – Green anaconda

Eunectes notaeus – Yellow anaconda

Morelia spilota variegata – Carpet python

Morelia viridis – Green tree python

Python molurus – Indian python

Python regius – Ball python

Python reticulatus – Reticulated python


Family Colubridae – Colubrids    230

Biological Profile


Colubridae in Homeopathy    231

Cyclagras gigas – False water cobra

Dispholidus typus – Boomslang

Drymarchon corais – Yellowtail cribo

Drymarchon couperi – Eastern indigo snake

Elaphe guttata – Corn snake

Elaphe longissima – Aesculapian snake

Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster – Prairie kingsnake

Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata – Mole kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula californiae – California kingsnake

Lampropeltis triangulum – Milk snake

Natrix natrix – Grass snake

Pantherophis obsoletus – Texas ratsnake

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis – Eastern garter snake

Vipera acustica carinata = Chironius carinatus – Amazonian whipsnake


Family Elapidae – Elapids    257

Biological Profile

Neurotoxins – Paresis & Paralysis

Hypertension & Autonomic Dysfunction

Locked-In Syndrome – Inability to Communicate

Suspected Brain Death

Signs & Symptoms of Neurotoxic Snakebites


Elapidae in Homeopathy    262

Bungarus caeruleus – Common krait

Bungarus candidus – Blue krait

Bungarus fasciatus – Banded krait

Bungarus multicinctus – Many-banded krait

Dendroaspis angusticeps – Eastern green mamba

Dendroaspis polylepis – Black mamba

Dendroaspis viridis – Western green mamba

Elaps corallinus – Brazilian coral snake

Hemachatus haemachatus – Rinkhals

Maticora bivirgata – Blue Malayan coral snake

Micrurus lemniscatus – South American coral snake


Genus Naja–True cobras   325

Naja anchietae – Anchieta’s cobra

Naja annulifera – Snouted cobra

Naja haje – Egyptian cobra

Naja kaouthia – Monocled cobra

Naja melanoleuca – Forest cobra

Naja mossambica – Mozambique spitting cobra

Naja nigricollis – Black-necked spitting cobra

Naja nivea – Cape cobra

Naja pallida – Red spitting cobra

Naja tripudians – Indian cobra

Notechis scutatus occidentalis – Western tiger snake

Notechis scutatus scutatus- Eastern tiger snake

Ophiophagus hannah – King cobra

Oxyuranus microlepidotus – Inland taipan

Oxyuranus scutellatus – Coastal taipan

Pseudonaja textilis – Eastern brown snake


Family Hydrophiidae – Sea snakes    386

Biological Profile

Sea Snake Envenomation

Muscle Damage

Overview of Bite Symptoms


Hydrophiidae in Homeopathy    389

Hydrophis cyanocinctus – Annulated sea snake

Laticauda colubrina – Banded sea snake

Pelamis platurus – Yellow bellied sea snake


Family Viperidae, subfamily Crotalinae – Pit vipers    401

Biological Profile


Clinical Features of North American Pit Viper Envenomation

Clinical Features of Bothrops Envenomation


Viperidae, subfamily Crotalinae in Homeopathy    408

Acrochordon chocoe = Lachesis acrochorda – Chocoan bushmaster

Ancistrodon piscivorus – Cottonmouth

Bothriechis schlegelii – Eyelash pit viper

Bothrocophias colombianus – Toad-headed pit viper

Bothrops alternatus – Crossed pit viper

Bothrops asper – Asper

Bothrops atrox – Common lancehead

Bothrops caribbaeus – St. Lucia pit viper

Bothrops colombiensis = Bothrops atrox

Bothrops insularis – Golden lancehead

Bothrops jararaca – Jararaca

Bothrops jararacussu – Jararacussu

Bothrops lanceolatus – Fer-de-lance

Bothrops neuwiedi urutu – Neuwied’s lancehead

Cenchris contortrix – Copperhead


Genus Crotalus   459

Crotalus adamanteus – Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Crotalus atrox – Western diamondback rattlesnake

Crotalus cascavella – South American rattlesnake

Crotalus cerastes cerastes – Mojave Desert rattlesnake

Crotalus enyo – Baja California rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus – Timber rattlesnake

Crotalus lepidus – Rock rattlesnake

Crotalus mitchellii – Speckled rattlesnake

Crotalus molossus – Black-tailed rattlesnake

Crotalus polystictus – Mexican lanceheaded rattlesnake

Crotalus viridis viridis – Prairie rattlesnake

Deinagkistrodon acutus – Sharp-nosed pit viper

Lachesis acrochorda – Chocoan bushmaster

Lachesis muta – Bushmaster

Sistrurus catenatus catenatus – Eastern massasauga

Sistrurus miliarius barbouri – Dusky pygmy rattlesnake

Trimeresurus flavoviridis – Habu

Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus – Brown spotted pit viper

Trimeresurus puniceus – Flat-nosed pit viper

Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus – Mangrove pit viper

Trimeresurus stejnegeri – Green tree viper

Trimeresurus wagleri – Temple pit viper

Vipera lachesis fel = Bothrocophias colombianus


Family Viperidae, subfamily Viperinae – True vipers    544

Biological Profile

Venom & Clinical Manifestations


Viperidae, subfamily Viperinae in Homeopathy    545

Atheris squamigera – African bush viper

Bitis arietans – Puff adder

Bitis atropos – Berg adder

Bitis caudalis – Horned adder

Bitis gabonica – Gaboon viper

Bitis nasicornis – Rhinoceros viper

Cerastes cerastes – Horned viper

Daboia russelii – Russell’s viper

Daboia siamensis – Eastern Russell’s viper

Echis carinatus – Saw-scaled viper

Proatheris superciliaris – Swamp viper

Vipera ammodytes meridionalis – Eastern nose-horned viper

Vipera aspis – Asp viper

Vipera berus – Common European viper

Vipera daboia = Daboia russelii

Vipera lebetina – Blunt-nosed viper

Vipera palaestinae – Palestine viper

Vipera redi – Central Italian asp viper

Vipera xanthina – Ottoman viper


Turtles & Tortoises    617

Biological Profile

Power to the Shell


Turtles & Tortoises in Homeopathy    632

Chelonia mydas – Green turtle

Chelydra serpentina – Snapping turtle

Eretmochelys imbricata – Hawksbill turtle

Geochelone sulcata – African spurred tortoise

Lepidochelys olivacea – Olive Ridley turtle

Terrapene carolina – Eastern box turtle

Testudo hermanni – Hermann’s tortoise

Trachemys scripta elegans – Red-eared slide


Worm Lizards    663

Biological Profile

Head or Tail

Differences with Other Reptiles


Worm Lizards in Homeopathy    665

Amphisbaena alba – White worm lizard

Amphisbaena vermicularis – Wagler’s worm lizard


ISBN 9781908127358

716 pages


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