Synoptic Reference (volume II) by FRANS VERMEULEN [#VERSYREF2]


Frans Vermeulen


This materia medica is the BEST book for information on the new and “lesser known” homeopathic medicines.  1,866 pages of the newest materia medica of 606 medicines!

Letter from the publisher:

Homeopaths are always eager to have the latest repertory with the most additions to keep the greatest amount of info at their fingertips. The same should be true with materia medica – they should contain information that is both accurate and current. For over 20 years, Vermeulen materia medicas have provided reliability, breadth and depth, cutting edge details supporting the changes in methods of prescribing. That is why they are the best selling and most trusted materia medicae in homeopathic practice.

The Ultimate Prisma Collection contains the most remedies and the most detailed information of any materia medica, including hundreds of remedies not found in any other text. This work also features the most comprehensive list of remedies, all accurately identified, categorised and described, considerably improved, revised and expanded from Vermeulen’s previous works. To reflect new prescribing practices ‘Sensation’ entries have been added.

These are the tools of our profession – a carpenter would not keep a dull saw, a seamstress would not keep an outdated sewing machine, a cook would not use stale ingredients. To achieve the best results homeopaths must constantly update their reference materials and ensure that they are working with information of the highest quality. A small change in the placement of a plant into a different family, new source details about a mineral or the addition of a new animal remedy can make a huge clinical difference.



This book is about old and new remedies as well as remedies small or still too unknown to be big. In order to compile this book, Frans Vermeulen made use of some well known sources such as Boericke, Phatak, Blackwood, Clarke, Allen, Hering and many more.

Moreover, he was able, thanks to his mastering of the French and German languages, to access vital information in the works of Mezger, Voisin, Julian, Charette, Kohler, Leeser, Dorcsi, Horveilleur, Madeus, Vrijlandt (Dutch). Reference material was even taken out of the Russian S. Venetsky’s book “Tales about metals”. This makes available in English new additions and provings that were until now only accessible in German or French.

Furthermore, Frans Vermeulen made use of many sources such as Reference Works, particularly the magazines section, as well as numerous other publications and periodicals from homeopathical libraries.

Because an effort has been made to preserve the primary texts as much as possible, Synoptic Reference 2 is closer to the original documents than a Materia Medica that is built up from Repertory extracts.

In order to further complete and elucidate the remedy pictures, more than fifty works about plants, animals en minerals were thoroughly researched.

To improve the readability and user-friendliness, modalities concomitances and such were systematically placed on new lines.

SEE A SAMPLE OF THIS BOOK, including its Table of Contents, BY CLICKING HERE


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