Sankaran’s Schema by RAJAN SANKARAN [#SANSCH]


Rajan Sankaran


Please note that we only sell the NEW edition of this important new book (there was a previous edition of only 16 pages).

This is a GREAT summary of the latest thinking of Rajan Sankaran’s work on MIASMS, PLANT FAMILIES, and the ELEMENTAL TABLE! This booklet is a HIGH QUALITY publication with thicker-than-normal glossy pages. The book is entirely charts that provide clear summary information about the 10 miasms (their depth and pace, their issues in which they succeed and fail, their “picture,” and their attitude), different plant families (their sensation, passive reaction, active reaction, and compensation), and each element and their characteristics. This booklet also has a list of the plant families and the leading remedy for its associated miasm.

If you have Rajan’s “Insight into Plants,” it is HIGHLY (!) recommended that you get this great summary booklet of not only this book, but of Rajan’s LATEST thinking about homeopathy, miasms, remedy families, and new casetaking strategies!


Orders for this book require a “special order” which means that it is nonreturnable.


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