Spirit, Song and Sensation – DVD with RAJAN SANKARAN [#SANDVD2]

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Through his writings and lectures, Dr. Sankaran has had a profound influence on many modern homoeopaths’ methods of practice. He is particularly well-known for developing a highly structured view of the Materia Medica. He has authored several books including The Spirit of Homeopathy, The Substance of Homoeopathy, The Soul of Remedies, Provings, The System of Homoeopathy, An Insight into Plants, The Sensation in Homoeopathy, Sankaran’s Schema and the software VitalQuest.

This audio visual presentation of his ideas features his clearest elucidation of his method. See and hear him in this video lecture featuring over 500 PowerPoint slides. Also featured is a video case with explanation by Dr. Sankaran. Comprehensive PowerPoint slides of his System, his development, his ideas on miasms etc. add value to this package. Included is his most recent, yet unpublished ideas on Global Sensation explained through 300 PowerPoint slides. He shares his energy and spirit through all these presentations and also through a video of him singing an Indian raga.

Disc 1: The Sensation Method – DVD Video
Disc 2: The Sensation Method – Presentations – Data DVD
Disc 3: Illustrative Case Part 1 – DVD Video
Disc 4: Illustrative Case Part 2 – DVD Video.


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