What You Will Learn


Acute Application

Includes: Introduction to Materia Medica, Foundation of Homeopathy, Philosophy, History, Introduction to Cases, Case Taking, Remedy Preparation, Antidoting, Potency, Repertory 1, 2, 3.


Beyond the Basics

Includes: Smaller Remedies, Ethics, Legalities of Practice, Prescribing

Vaccinations, Detox and Drainage, Complex Formulas, Isopathy, Case Management, Comprehensive Homeopathy, SRP’s, Challenging & Incurable Cases, End of Life Care, Adjunctive Therapies, Color Remedies, Cell Salts.


Clinical Course

Includes: First Aid, Pregnancy, Acute Back Pain, Breast, Skin, Allergies, ADD, Autism, Childhood Disease, Upper Respiratory, Conjunctivitis, Cough, Dental Problems, Ear Infections, Gastrointestinal, Headaches, and many more!


Program Benefits

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that life can be crazy, so we designed this program to fit your schedule. Take the classes online at your own time, and meet twice a month with a certified homeopath to go over what you have learned!

Transfers Easily

This program easily transfers into our 3-year Homeopathic Practitioner !


Participate in live mentorship with a certified homeopath and fellow classmates. This is the perfect time to ask questions and dive deeper into what is covered in class. Mentorship allows you to interact with the AMCofH community.

Diverse Faculty

Learn from Todd Rowe, MD, D-Ht, and participate in mentorship with other faculty members.



The biggest benefit of choosing AMCofH’s Clinical Homeopathy 150-Hour Program is mentorship! Twice a month, students are invited to chat with a certified homeopath about your classes and any questions you may have about Homeopathy.

Mentorship is a great opportunity to meet other homeopathic students that are in similar classes and have similar goals as you. Even though this course is completely online, mentorship gives our students a chance to bond and feel connected to the AMCofH family.



$2,000.00  We provide a 10% discount!

The cost of this program is $2,000 minus 10% = $1,800. We allow the payment to be split in up to four payments. You will have one year to complete the course upon purchase.