The Sensation in Homeopathy by RAJAN SANKARAN


Rajan Sankaran


This book describes, using numerous case examples, the concept and use of Rajan Sankaran’s “sensation method.”   ‘The Seven Levels of Experience’ which enables a homeopath to know at all times, in anygiven case, where to begin and where to aim. In this way of working, a definitive pathway for case taking is provided, a means by which to observe and utilize the active energy patterns of the patient (hand gestures and body movements), plus a way of matching the patient’slevel to the remedy potency that is required.

Another key component of this system has to do with becoming attuned to the patient’s sensations. There is a certain energy inprecise sensation(s) having to do with both the chief complaint andthe general state of the patient, which has enormous significance.  Dr. Sankaran has termed these as the vital sensations. Vital sensationsare not merely physical symptoms or emotions, but rather thecommon sensations that connect the mind and the body. Indeed thevital level is deeper than the mind or the body; it is at the center point of the diseased state. These are non-human specific phenomena i.e.not exclusive to the domain of only human beings and thus take usdirectly to the source of the remedy itself.

Dr. Sankaran’s system incorporates miasm and kingdom classification (plant, animal, mineral, nosode etc.) as well as the ‘Levels’ into onecomprehensive, sophisticated, yet elegantly simple way of perceiving the patient. It is a quantum leap in the understanding of disease andhas resulted in remarkably increased level of success and the use ofnumerous remedies, including some not well proved ones and yetothers previously not even known. In many other cases one has beenable to use old remedies in an entirely new light, with a deeper understanding.

Foreword 5
Acknowledgement 17
Note to the Reader 19
Introduction 21

1 The Spirit of Homoeopathy 29
2 Illustrative Cases 61

1 The Vital Sensation 125
2 Illustrative Cases 155

Section 1
1 Deeper Insights 217
2 An Introduction to the Levels 229
3 A Case from Practice 243
4 New Insights into Health and Disease 255
5 Miasms 267
6 Vital Sensations and the Kingdoms 293
Section 2
1 Case Taking 321
2 The Sesation in Homoeopathy 429
3 The Releam of Nonsense 523
4 Followup 593
5 Acute Situations 667
6 Chldren’s Cases 673
7 Clarifying Doubts 681
8 Conclusion 689

Miasmatic Spectrum 699
A Summary of Miasms 700
A Chart of the Miasms 702
Dr. Sankaran’s Miasms (Illustrated by Dr. Andreas Holling) 703
Table of Sensations (Plant Families) 707
Table of Miasms and Remedies (Plant Families) 714
Flowchart of Case Taking Process 715

Index 717


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