Autism: Beyond Despair, CEASE Therapy by TINUS SMITS MD [#SMIAUT]


Tinus Smits MD Foreword by J.B. Handley (the co-founder of Generation Rescue, the autism organization founded by Jenny McCarthy!)


In this ground breaking work, Dr. Tinus Smits reveals the step-by-step method which he has used for more than 300 autistic children. In many cases, the parents have declared their children 100% cured; in others, the process is still underway with significant improvement. His therapy is mainly based on Isotherpy, a form of homeopathy which is able to detect the causes of autism in children and which redresses them directly. He has made remarkable discoveries as to why autism is on the increase. This book is highly important for parents with autistic children and for all those who are involved in the care of these children.


184 pages

First Edition March 2010

This book has TWO Forewords, one of which was written by J.B. Handley (the co-founder of Generation Rescue, the autism organization founded by Jenny McCarthy!) and by Hans Reijnen, MD.


‘In the 9 months of your treatment, our son changed from a non verbal to a child that is able to attend a normal school, speaking in full sentences and making contact with everybody. Amazing! The autism team says it’s a miracle. Your CEASE therapy is great. Our life has already completely changed. Thanks for all your knowledge.’ — Mother of Stephan

‘After three and a half months of treatment she has become another child. She has woken up, is able to express herself verbally and says what she feels instead of shrieking; she is more flexible, more open and more independent. It is a world of difference.’ — Mother of Dirkje

‘Our son Vasco is getting better every day, he speaks more and tries to make conversation with us; at school he’s going very well and learns fast. With the detoxification Vasco has made great progress. He’s almost “a normal” 5-year-old kid.’ — Parents of Vasco

‘It is as if I am in a second life. It is completely different from before.’ —
Siem J., formerly autistic child


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The First Discoveries 1

Chapter 2: Homeopathy Has the Answers 6

Different types of homeopathy and their healing potential 6

Pathways of transfer from mother to child 6

Use of different potencies 9

Trauma-related and constitutional (inborn) disturbances 10

Isotherapy 11

Inspiring Homeopathy 13

Classical Homeopathy 14

Clinical Homeopathy and complex homeopathy 15

Nosode Therapy 15

Organ Therapy 16

Chapter 3: The Multifactorial Treatment 17

Different theories 18

An instructive case of multiple causations and multiple therapies 19

Chapter 4: The Genesis of Autism 25

Case of a healthy baby becoming ill by medical intervention

(vaccination and medication) in the first year 32

Antibiotics 36

Medication during pregnancy, increased risk for autism 40

Medication during the first two years of life, increased risk 45

Hypersensitivity 49

Different causations 52

Chapter 5: Detoxification of Vaccines Using Potentized Vaccines 53

Different energetic levels 56

How to administer the different potencies 57

Unnoticed vaccination damage 58

Chapter 6: Vitamin C 63

Vitamin C and other supplements 65

Water- and/or fat-soluble vitamin C 65

Instructive case with Lyme disease 67

The controversy over vitamin C 70

Chapter 7: Fatty Acids & Glutamates 73

Chapter 8: Intestinal Disorders and the Diet 78

The Metallothionein Story 80

Chapter 9: Aggressiveness 83

Chapter 10: Complete and Almost Complete Cures 103

Chapter 11: A Response to Dr. Paul Offit’s book:

Autism’s False Prophets 140

Chapter 12: What can parents themselves do to help their child? 148

Chapter 13: Parents’ Testimonials 152

Chapter 14: Successful Case Reports of CEASE Therapists 169

Chapter 15: Conclusions 178

Glossary 180


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