This “handy-dandy” pocket manual (a miniturized book) is easy to carry in a purse or jacket pocket with plenty of charts to make finding the correct homeopathic medicine easy!


Homeopathic Prescribing (2nd edition)

By Steven Kayne & Lee Kayne


Originally devised at 36000 feet over Siberia, this book was commissioned by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and is recommended for all practicing pharmacists and other health professionals. But that is not to say that one must be a health professional to use this book – it is beautifully laid out to allow maximum accessibility to the most important information on all aspects of homeopathy quickly and concisely.

Part 1 – An introduction to the principles of homeopathy as a self-contained curative system. The basics of anthroposophy, biochemical tissue salts and flower remedies are also explained. Valuable information for health professionals regarding the integration of homeopathy into their practice.

Part 2 – 56 flow charts (decision trees) which will help properly target the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for a wide range of commonly seen acute conditions, whether you are an experienced practitioner or newcomer to homeopathy. The charts are complemented by supplementary materia medica notes to further inform your choice of remedy. The majority of remedies referenced in this book are readily available over the counter in pharmacies and health stores.

“This book is one of the best-organized homeopathic works I have ever seen. It gives you confidence; it provides a footing for quick homeopathic action when time is of the essence. No theory, no prolonged intellectual discussion, just a guide to the action needed, here and now.” – Ivo Wiesner in the Homeopathic Links Journal


Sample pages from the book!!





Preface   vii

About the authors   ix



Introduction to homeopathic theory   3

Homeopathic medicines   9

Types of homeopathic medicines, practitioners and practices   21

Prescribing and dispensing homeopathic medicines   31



Introduction to the prescribing harts   48

Abscesses and boils   50

Acne   52

Allergies 54

Anxiety and shock 56

Backache 58

Bedwetting 60

Bereavement 62

Bites and stings 64

Problems associated with breast feeding 66

Bruising   68

Burns   70

Catarrh and sinus problems   72

Chickenpox and shingles   74

Cold and flu   76

Cold sores   78

Colic   80

Constipation   82

Cough   84

Cramp   86

Diarrhea   88

Ear problems   90

Eczema and dermatitis   92

Eye problems   94

Fatigue (acute)   96

Fever   98

Flatulence   100

Glandular fever   102

Gout   104

Hemorrhoids   106

Hay fever   108

Headache and migraine   110

Hot flushes   112

Injury   114

Itch   116

Problems associated with labour   118

Problems associated with the menopause   120

Morning sickness in pregnancy   122

Mouth problems   124

Nappy rash   126

Nausea and vomiting   128

Nosebleed   130

Period pains   132

Perspiration   134

Pre-menstrual syndrome   136

Rheumatic and arthritic pain   138

Sciatica   140

Sleep problems   142

Smoking   144

Sore throat   146

Sports injuries   148

Sprains and strains   150

Teething   152

Travel sickness   154

Urinary problems (acute)   156

Warts and verrucae   158

Wounds   160


Remedy index   162

Index   178


ISBN 9781908127150

181 Pages