Glen Dupree’s

Homeopathic Thesaurus

Edited by Jay Yasgur, R.Ph., M.Sc.


Taken from the introduction:

“One of the most endearing and frustrating aspects of learning and practicing homeopathy is the language and how our usage of the English language has evolved since the days of our homeopathic ancestors. Without an understanding of the ”language of the day” modern homeopaths are at a disadvantage trying to fully understand and utilize the writings of the old masters.

If a homeopath was curious about the specific usage of a word used in the old homeopathic texts, a period dictionary (or the more modern Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference) could be used to define the word as it was used at that time.

Now, what if the homeopath wanted to translate a modern word into the language of Kent’s day?

It is for this situation that we offer the Thesaurus of the Homeopathic Repertory – a tool for taking today’s words back to Kent’s time and to help reveal the fullness and pertinence of the repertory.

This thesaurus differs from the standard thesaurus in that it is a thesaurus of thought and nuance, rather than of strict meaning. The words given are in the materia medica. Too many words have multiple meanings to be able to give exact substitutions in all situations.”

-Glen Dupree and Jay Yasgur


Published by Van Hoy Publishers

Paperback, 115 pages

~3000 terms


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