Homeopathy and Cancer Seminar (DVDs) by Dr. A.U. RAMAKRISHNAN


Dr. Ramakrishnan is one of the most respected homeopathic physicians in the world, and he is specially known for his ability to provide significant benefits to people with serious illness.


  • Homeopathic Philosophy of the Treatment of Cancer.
  • Homeopathic Case-taking with cancer
  • Types of Cancer & Prognosis
  • Specifics of Treatment for the different stages of cancer
  • Homeopathy as primary therapy
  • Homeopathy in conjunction with Western Medicine
  • Materia Medica of cancer
  • Ramakrishnan method of administering remedies

This set of DVDs are sent to customers directly from Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan in India for a very reasonable shipping fee of only $15.00, which is a separate fee from other items orders (except if the customer orders more than 1 set of multiple tapes by this doctor, in which case, there is an additional $5 added for each set of disks)


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