Pocket Manual of Materia Medica with Repertory (Indian edition) by WILLIAM BOERICKE, MD


William Boericke, MD


This is one of the most popular introductory materia medica, and it is a GREAT value for its reasonable cost. The newer edition of this book is also excellent, and it costs only a tad more. This book helps improve one’s prescribing for acute cases, thus, it is a great complement to the various home care books. It is well-outlined for easy to access information. A good condensed repertory is also included. (hardback edition)

The following is a preview of Table of Contents:

Abies Canadensis1Abies Nigra2Acanthia203Acarus655Aurum Met.96Aurum Mur.98Azadirachta100Bacillinum101Bacillinum Testium102Baryta Carb.106Baryta Jod.109Berberis Vulgaris110Brayera382Cacodyl Soda151Cactus Grandiflorus137Caesium493Cypripedium251Cysticin249, 385Cystisus Laburnum385Damiana659Daphne Indica251Datura Arborea610Diosma256Diphtherinum257Echinacea263Eel Serum254Erythrinus435Faiana281Ferrum Cyanatum285Ficus Venosa444Gadus Morrhua483Gaertner534Galanthus Niv.297Hagenia Abys.382Helleborus Orientalis322Ikshugandha651Ilex Aquif.344Isotonic Plasma462Jaborandi517Jacaranda Caroba356Juniperus Communis360Juniperus Virginianus360Kalagua657Kali Aceticum369Kali Hypophos378Kola69Lactuca Virosa392Laffa Acutang159Lobelia Acetum406Lobelia Card.407Lupulus408Lycopersicum596Magnesia Carbonica414Magnet Pol. Austral623, 682Magnolia420Manzanita333Mapato547Naphthaline454Narcissus455Nasturtium416Natrum Arsenicum456Ocimum Canum479Oenanthe479Opuntia488Pancreatinum356Quillaya542Ranunculus Glacialis546Scoparium599Toxicophis128Upas Tiente659Vitrex Trif.78Xanthorrhiza121X-Ray684Yerba Buena443Yerba Mansa52Zea611Zea Italica663


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