Healing The Soul Volume 2 – By David Lilley


The Archetype and the Psyche


Homeopathy is archetypal medicine, able to summon, from the forces of Nature, the archetype vested through similarity with the very attributes necessary to overcome the errant ego-self. Acting at the level of the psyche, homeopathy frees the soul of the legacy of the past, reunites Yin and Yang and restores the soul’s sovereignty. In Healing the Soul volume two, David escorts his reader into the mystical and mythical world of the psyche and the deep unconscious: the realm of the archetype and the hero soul! Here, he also invokes and profiles the shades of certain historic archetypes: Isaac Newton, Mary Cotton and Harold Shipman.

Dr. David Lilley provides some of the most poetic modern writings about homeopathy and materia medica.  His insights about human nature and about life itself are inspirational and will help you connect everything in the universe with everything else!

Healing is inseparable from the spiritual path the soul traverses on its hero’s journey towards individuation or Self-realisation. The journey is fraught with difficulties, challenges and obstacles. The cunning opponent that confronts the soul along the way and hinders its progress is the ego-self, a pseudo-being created from lack of basic trust in life and in self. Fashioned from frailty, the ego-self, insinuating into consciousness, assumes the soul’s identity and usurps the throne of the psyche. Born of delusion, the ego-self warps the soul’s view of reality. The ego-self is implicit in all wrong thinking, wrong feeling and wrong acting; it is the disease from which the soul suffers.

Disease of the soul becomes disease of the mind and body: the vehicles of the soul. The psyche is the field of disease contention; both traveller and guide need to be familiar with this mysterious terrain and the forces arrayed there. The soul’s adversary, the ego-self, is an archetype drawn by affinity from the timeless archives of human behaviour: a unique energy field that mantles and perturbs the life of the soul, distancing the sacred feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) principles within the psyche, creating the disease dynamic that disarms the soul and enthrones the imposter ego-self.






About the Author   ix

Acknowledgements   xi

Introduction – The Soul’s journey continues   xiii




The Archetype   3

Archetypal Systems   11

The Birth of the Universe   29

Graphites – 1    Fundamental Psoric Archetype   37

Graphites – 2    Doctrine of Signatures   63

Graphites – 3    Fear, Grief and Guilt   79

Graphites – 4    Captivity – Anger – Labile Emotions   99

Graphites – 5    Soul Somnolence – Hesitancy – The Mundane   109

Graphites – 6    Constitution – Causation – Modalities   125

Silicea – 1    The Crystal Archetype   131

Silicea – 2    The Evolution of Science – Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton   147

Silicea – 3    Trinity College   159

Silicea – 4    Confrontation   173

Silicea – 5    Breakdown and revenge   191

Silicea – 4    Guiding Characteristics   205

Other archetypal forms and systems   217

The Four Archetypal Temperaments   231

Evolving the Homeopathic Archetype   247


part two  THE PSYCHE


Jung’s Rite of Passage   259

Psyche – Spirit – Soul   273

The Birth of the Ego-self   287

Freud’s archetypes of the Psyche – The Id, The Egoand the Super-ego   315

Psychosexual development stages – Oral and Anal   333

Psychosexual development stages – Phallic – Latency – Genital   349

Symbolism of the Pin   389

Feminine and Masculine Principles   411

Anima and Animus   425

The Persona   441

The Shadow   455

Index   475


ISBN 9781908127099

498 Pages


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