Homeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies: A practical guide to homeopathic prescribing in acute illnesses and emergencies by DR. ALOK PAREEK [#PARHOM]


By R.S. Pareek & Alok Pareek


A practical guide to homeopathic prescribing in acute illnesses and emergencies.

Dr. Alok Pareek runs a homeopathic hospital together with his father R.S. Pareek in Agra, India with fifty beds, treating around two hundred patients daily. His clinical practice spans thirty years. This extensive experience has given him a wealth of opportunity to carry out and refine homeopathic treatment in a wide range of acute and emergency situations.

Based on this experience, the book offers a clear, practical guide to successful clinical prescribing, with case examples and a living materia medica for problems relating to: the heart and circulation; neurological and psychiatric emergencies; acute trauma, injury and pain; surgery; adverse drug reactions; and selected organ specifics. Careful attention is paid to basic principles, including the limitations of homeopathy. Practical therapeutics are described for over one hundred remedies and detailed advice is given throughout on potency, dosage and remedy administration.

Dr. Pareek demonstrates that homeopathy has much to offer in acute and emergency settings. He aims to increase the confidence of practitioners, to improve results and encourage them to offer safe and effective treatment in this important field, enabling homeopathy to take its place alongside conventional approaches within mainstream medicine.

“As an Emergency Medicine physician who deals with life threatening diseases on a daily basis, I found Dr. Pareek’s homeopathic approach to be full of well-rounded clinical criteria and plenty of wise advice to the homeopathic doctor.
I truly hope to be in medicine long enough to see us practice ‘hand in hand’ and enjoy the great benefits of this marvelous ‘scientific marriage’ in my emergency medicine patients.”
Gladys H. Lopez M.D., M.P.H.
USA Board Certified in Emergency ­Medicine


I have been very impressed by this book, as I was by RS Pareek when I heard him lecture in Bombay in 1986. It is important to note what this book is not, it is not a first aid book for patients to look after themselves. It is a serious work to share clinical experiences of a father and son and extended family, who have their own hospital specialising in emergency surgical and medical care in Agra, not far from the Taj Mahal. This is truly another Indian wonder.

That homeopathy is effective in acute care of patients I can attest, not least from 16 years of acute care on the telephone, 2 or 3 days each week, quite apart from acute prescribing in my own practice. The practical experience shared in this book goes much further and describes a partnership in serious ‘A & E’ care between regular and homeopathic medicine and surgery. The limits of each are described in detail. There are special chapters on cardiac and circulatory emergencies; neurological emergencies such as stroke, intra-cerebral haemorrhage, epilepsy, transient ischaemic attack; and more on psychiatry, trauma and injury, post-operative care including iatrogenic emergencies, oncology, alcoholism, environmental disasters such as industrial pollution, pernicious anaemia and more. Always there is respect shown for the necessary medical and surgical care given, homeopathy may be in some cases the primary therapy but in others the alternative philosophy to which we adhere creates a complementary service.

In addition to decades of clinical experience, what the authors share are some brilliant case histories with just enough clinical detail, and then a differential materia medica of possible medicines in each case. You can see for yourself with this reading excerpt. At the end of the book there are useful cross-references and summary materia medica. The book is well produced but carries some American English spellings, which is not usual from Narayana.

I have some suggestions for the next volume: atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolisms, diabetic emergencies – both type 1 and type 2, male and female emergencies such as testicular torsion, or after amateur terminations, and appendicitis. To have our own emergency hospital in Britain is something to which we can aspire with messianic hope.

–Francis Treuherz, RSHom

Review published in The Homeopath, 2012, 31:2.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments … vii

Foreword … viii

Preface … x

1 Introduction … 1

The Aim and Scope of This Book … 1

Homeopathic Medicine and “Modern Medicine” … 1

Basic Principles of Acute and Emergency Prescribing … 4

Triage to Categorize Emergency Patients … 7

The Role of Homeopathy in Surgical Cases … 7

The Role of Homeopathy in Medical Emergencies … 9

Constitutional Homeopathy versus Clinical Prescribing … 9

2 Cardiac and Circulatory Emergencies … 17

2.1 Acute Cardiac Emergencies … 17

Acute Heart Emergencies and Chronic (Stabilized) Heart Conditions … 17

Remedies for Immediate Use before the Patient Reaches Hospital … 17

Prescribing For Stabilized Heart Problems between the Acute and Chronic State … 26

Background: The Holistic Heart … 27

Miasms and the Heart … 28

Clinical Materia Medica for Stabilized Heart Conditions … 30

2.2 Acute Hypertensive Emergencies … 36

2.3 Acute Hemorrhage … 37

Two Cases of Gastro-Intestinal Hemorrhage … 40

3 Neurological Emergencies … 47

3.1 Acute Stroke (CVA) … 47

A Case of Stroke from Post-Operative Complications … 48

A Case of Stroke from Intra-Cerebral Hemorrhage … 52

A Further Brief Stroke Case … 55

A Case of Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA) … 55

3.2 Epilepsy … 56

3.3 Fainting (Syncope) … 59

Fainting from Pain … 59

3.4 Head and Spinal Injuries … 60

Remedies for Head Injury … 60

Remedies for Spinal Injury … 60

A Case of Head Injury … 61

A Brief Case of Paraplegia in a Child … 67

3.5 Psychiatric Emergencies … 68

Fear … 68

Acute Grief and Depression … 69

Acute Violent Mania … 71

Rape Victims … 72

A Case of Intractable Hiccups … 72

4 Physical Trauma and Injuries … 77

Abrasions, Bruises and Contusions … 77

Injuries to Soft Organs … 77

Bone Injuries … 78

Clinical Materia Medica for Common Injury Remedies … 79

Other Accidents, Trauma and Injuries … 82

5 Problems Associated with Surgical and Medical Treatments … 87

General Post-Operative Problems … 87

Specific Post-Operative Problems … 90

Problems after Other Medical Procedures … 91

An Iatrogenic Emergency: A Case of Sudden Drug-Induced Bone Marrow Suppression … 92

6 Acute Pain and Colic … 97

Potency and Method of Administration for Pain Remedies … 97

A Severe Case of Facial Herpes Zoster … 101

7 Other Acute Therapeutics … 107

Organ-Related Emergencies … 107

A Case of Acute Renal Failure … 108

A Further Case of Acute Renal Failure … 110

A Brief Case of Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver … 111

Oncological Emergencies … 111

Environmental Emergencies … 113

Homeopathic Treatment for Environmental Disasters … 116

Closing Remarks … 119

Quick Reference Guides:

Therapeutics for Acute and Emergency Prescribing … 120

Clinical Repertory for Acutes and Emergencies … 131

Heart and Circulation … 131

Injuries including Surgery … 133

Other Clinical Conditions … 134

Remedy Index … 138

Bibliography … 142

About the Authors … 143

160 pages Hardback

ISBN: 978-3-943309-22-5


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