Orchids in Homeopathy by LOUIS KLEIN, RSHom [#KLEORC]


By Louis Klein


Orchids in Homeopathy

By Louis Klein

Orchids are one of the largest and most fascinating plant families in the world. In spite of that, they have been poorly represented in homeopathy.

Renowned homeopath Louis Klein has produced a comprehensive and trail-blazing guide to this compelling plant family. He initiated ‘The Orchid Project’ to encourage study, sowing seeds which have grown into the extensive provings, materia medica and clinical data offered here.

The material combines a wealth of background information, analysis and intuitive insights to identify key themes for the Orchidaceae family. These include a conflict between spirituality and materialism with a strong sexuality and search for perfectionism.

They have proven to be powerful remedies in children with ADHD, dyslexia, speech difficulties and other learning disorders. Orchid remedies are increasingly needed in the “new child” that is overly adapted to technology and affected by it, leading to disorders of the autism-spectrum and Asperger’s. There are physical affinities for sexual organs, feet and body orifices, with prominent neurological symptoms, as well as fungal infections and allergies.

Detailed, nuanced portraits are offered for over thirty individual Orchid remedies like Vanilla planifolia and Cypripedium pubescens as well as many new remedies. Their lesser-known ‘dark side’ is fully explored, along with a host of other new perspectives, such as relationships to Fungal and Animal groups.

Louis Klein has the rare ability to transform the knowledge of provings into clear essences, thus helping homeopaths include this important remedy group in their daily prescriptions.

“Louis Klein’s “Orchids in Homeopathy” is the result of his extensive research into this fascinating family of plants; these plants have long been the prized objects of voracious collectors in many cultures. Via historical data and a series of provings, he has found that these remedies relate to a conflict between spirituality and materialism, with a strong sexuality and a search for perfection. His cases reveal the usefulness of these remedies in those with learning difficulties such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s and dyslexia, areas where we homeopaths often struggle to find matching remedies. There is also a strong affinity with the sexual organs, neurological complaints, fungal infections and allergies.With its well-defined descriptions and accurate analyses, the link between theory and practice is made clear and applicable.” – Deborah Collins, MD

“Lou Klein has created a wonderful summary of the themes seen in orchid remedies and related that to how and where they grow. The more detailed materia medica information on individual remedies will be a great resource and if you add to this the beautiful presentation of the book, the entire volume feels like a great gift to the homeopathic community. Thank you for all the work” – Judith Mapleson HMC

“Lou Klein’s gifts of clear elucidation and clinical insights shine through in his new book, “Orchids in Homeopathy”. Fascinating are themes of sensuality and joy juxtaposed with darker themes such as war and death brought out by the orchids’ relationship with fungi. Insights into contemporary miasmatic families and periodic stages consolidate an archetypal understanding of the orchid remedies. This groundbreaking book presents over thirty-five colorful and concise remedy pictures as well as six Hahnemannian provings.”
— Kellie Kirkpatrick Lic.Ac, HMC



Collaboration, Acknowledgments, and Thanks … IX

Book Outline … XI

Section 1 Orchids in Nature and Human Experience … 1

Introduction … 1

Myths, legends, and Religion … 4

Magic, Medicine, and the Edible Orchid … 7

Orchid Taxonomy (Classification) … 14

Orchid Distribution … 16

Orchid Types … 16

The Basic Characteristics of Orchids … 18

Structure and Processes of Orchids … 18

Section 2 The Orchid Group: New Homeopathy Perspectives … 31

Introduction: Old and New Orchids in Homeopathy … 31

Orchid Themes … 37

Some Physical Symptoms … 69

Section 3 Materia Medica … 74

Aerangis distincta, The Distinct Aerangis … 74

Brassavola acaulis, Stemless Brassavola … 76

Brassavola nodosa, Lady of the Night … 80

Calypso bulbosa, Fairy Slipper … 82

Cochleanthes discolor, The Different-colored Cochleanthes … 87

Coeloglossum viride, Frog Orchid … 92

Coelogyne pandurata, Black Orchid … 94

Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Crawley Root … 98

Cymbidium devonianum, The Duke of Devonshire’s Cymbidium … 101

Cypripedium acaule, Moccasin Flower … 106

Cypripedium parviflorum & Cypripedium pubescens, Yellow Lady’s Slipper … 108

Cypripedium reginae, Showy Lady’s Slipper … 116

Dactylorhiza fuchsia, Common Spotted Orchid … 119

Dactylorhiza maculata, Heath Spotted Orchid … 122

Dactylorhiza praetermissa, Southern March Orchid … 127

Dendrobium lasianthera, Sepik Blue Orchid … 143

Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum, Rectangular-bulbed Dendrobium … 145

Dipodium punctatum, Purple Hyacinth Orchid … 147

Disa uniflora, The Pride of Table Mountain … 149

Dyakia hendersoniana, Henderon’s Dyakia … 158

Encyclia cochleata, Clamshell Orchid … 160

Goodyera pubescens, Creeping Lady’s Tresses … 167

Gymnadenia conopsea, Fragrant Orchid … 170

Liparis viridiflora, Wide-lip Orchid … 172

Malleola dentifera, The Toothed Malleola … 174

Maxillaria uncata, The Hook-shaped Maxillaria … 176

Oncidium ornithorhynchum, Bird Beak Orchid … 178

Orchis mascula, Early Purple Orchid … 180

Orchis militaris, Military Orchid … 183

Orchis simian, Monkey Orchid … 184

Phalaenopsis gigantean, Elephant Ear Orchid … 198

Pleione bulbocodioides, Indian Crocus … 212

Pleurothallis lanceana, Lance’s Pleurothallis … 215

Psychopsis “Kalihi”, Hybrid Butterfly Orchid … 218

Spiranthes autumnalis (now known as Spiranthes spiralis), Lady Tresses … 220

Thelychiton speciosus (formerly Dendrobium speciosum), Sydney Rock Orchid … 225

Trichoceros antennifer, Fly Orchid … 236

Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla … 242

Other Orchid Remedies … 265

Section 4 Hahnemannian Orchid Provings … 268

General Notes on the Presentation of Provings … 268

A) Trichoceros antennifer (Fly Orchid) … 270

Mind … 270

Dreams … 281

Physicals … 288

Generalities … 301

Miscellaneous … 303

B) Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) … 304

Mind … 304

Dreams … 325

Physicals … 334

Generalities … 356

C) Orchis simian (Monkey Orchid): First Proving … 364

Mind … 364

Dreams … 381

Physicals … 409

Generalities … 428

Orchis simian (Monkey Orchid): Second Proving … 429

Physicals … 439

D) Phalaenopsis gigantean (Elephant Ear Orchid) … 443

Mind … 443

Physicals … 467

E) Cochleanthes discolor (Different-colored Cochleanthes): Trituration Proving … 474

C1 Trituration … 474

C2 Trituration … 480

C3 Trituration … 486

Appendix … 494

Appendix 1: Orchid Remedies, Taxonomy … 494

Appendix 2: Orchid Tree Diagram … 496

Appendix 3a: Periodic Table Stages and Miasmatic Groups of Orchid Remedies: Arranged by Subfamily … 497

Appendix 3b: Periodic Table Stages and Miasmatic Groups of Orchid Remedies: Arranged by Stage … 499

Appendix 3c: Periodic Table Stages and Miasmatic Groups of Orchid Remedies: Arranged by Miasm … 500

Appendix 4: Other Remedy Groupings for Orchid Remedies … 501

Appendix 5: List of Abbreviations for Orchid Remedies in the Complete Repertory … 502

List of Illustrations … 504

Remedy Index … 505

Subject Index … 509

Hardback, 544 pages

ISBN 9783955820480

3 Lbs.


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